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[2016-08-21-WWE-Summerslam] Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler

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There's no way this was as long as it seemed. I liked Ziggler's early roll-ups, I remember there being a Cesaro match where they spent more than twenty seconds doing that type of stuff and it was really cool. Finish was cool as well because Ziggler's moves are stupid and Ambrose just refuse to go with one of them, hit his move and went home. But man oh man was this not pretty. They were trying out new stuff, Ambrose randomly used moves he's never done before, guess he realised he has to world title matches now, and he was trying out new stuff with his character, while Ziggler tried to experiment with how he uses the moves he already has. None of it worked. Absolutely nothing they tried in this match worked. I'm so glad it's over. Ziggler's headbutt outisde of the ring was cool but mere seconds after he was elbowing the canvas and missing Ambrose by a foot. *1/2

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