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[1986-01-04-NWA-Worldwide] Tully Blanchard vs Denny Brown

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Nuclear heat for this because of the angle that took place earlier on the show. This match ruled. Brillinat performance by Tully, there was a lot of armwork on this show but Tully was the first one who made it look good, really cranking the arm but also working it into the match and feeding Brown a counter with it. Tully also did a great job of obstracting the referee's vision to land cheapshots and looked like an intelligent competitor-i.e. he would hit Brown in the head with an elbow when he'd attempt a Back Body Drop, Knee him whe he'd get on top of him etc. There was a sense of struggle that really made this, as there was a feel both men were constantly looking for ways to maintain or get back into control, they never just stood there and let the other guy hit them twenty times. ***-***1/4

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