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Al Perez vs. Abdullah the Butcher (2/15/86)

Invader I vs. Abdullah "The Butcher" (March 1986)

Mike Davis Interview / Ron & Chicky Starr Interview (4/12/86)

Ron Starr vs. The Invader Arena Clips (4/12/86)

Eric Embry Interview / Ron & Chicky Starr + Invader Brawl + Arena Clips (4/12/86)

Bruiser Brody vs. The Invader (Spring 1986)

Super Medico vs. Eric Embry (Mask vs. Hair) (6/15/86)

Mike Davis Award (June 1986)

Bruiser Brody vs. Invader 1 (July 1986, from Trinidad)

Terry Funk Promo (August 1986)

Carlos Colon Vs Chicky Starr (Cage Match) (8/3/86)

Rambo Ron Starr Feature (8/9/86)

El Profe + Hugo Savinovich (8/9/86)

Chicky Starr & Ron Starr vs. Invader I & Al Perez (8/9/86)

All Star Wrestlers Action Figures (8/23/86)

Carlos Colon & Invader Basketball Interview (8/23/86)

Gary Hart Promo / Terry Funk Promo (8/23/86)

Invader I + AL Perez (8/23/86)

Anniversario 86 Music Video (8/23/86)

Terry Funk Promo (8/30/86)

Terry Funk Promo (8/24/86)

WWC Wrestler Training Video (9/13/86)

Bruiser Brody & Terry Funk Anniversario Promos (9/13/86)

Barry Windham Promo (9/13/86)

Giant Baba Music Video (9/13/86)

Ric Flair Promo (9/13/86)

Chicky Starr’s Sport Shop w/Rock N Roll RPMs (9/13/86)

WWC Wrestler Training Video (9/14/86)

Terry Funk Promo (9/14/86)

Abdullah the Butcher Music Video (9/14/86)

Bruiser Brody Feature & Music Video (9/14/86)

Gary Hart & Boris Zhukov Promos (9/14/86)

Rick Martel Music Video (9/14/86)

Chicky Starr's Sport Shop w/ Ron Starr (9/20/86)

Bob Geigel Promo & Gordon Solie Interview (9/20/86)

Dory Funk Jr. Music Video (9/28/86)

Invader-Chicky Starr Feud Video (9/28/86)

Hurricane Castillo Jr. Training Video (9/28/86)

Chicky Starr's Sport Shop w/ Al Perez (10/18/86)

Carlos Colon + The Commissioner (10/18/86)

Killer Tim Brooks Music Video (10/19/86)

The Rock n Roll RPM's vs. Chicky Starr & Ron Starr (10/19/86)

Ron & Chicky Starr Interview / Chicky’s Sports Shop (10/25/86)

Chicky Starr's Sport Shop w/ TNT (11/1/86)

TNT vs. Dino Malenko (11/9/86)

Al Perez Interview w/ Invader vs. Al Perez (Barbed Wire Match Clips) (11/15/86)

Gary Hart & Abdullah the Butcher Promo (11/15/86)

Big Red & Miguel Perez Jr. + Chicky Starr (11/27/86)

Mighty Igor Music Video (12/13/86)

Jason the Terrible Music Video (12/21/86)

Stan Hansen Promo (12/21/86)

Bruiser Brody & The Invader Interview / Carlos Colon Promo (12/21/86)

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