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Chicky Starr & Ron Starr Music Video (Damage Inc) (1/3/87)

Stan Hansen Interview (Bull Rope Match) (1/3/87)

Carlos Colon Interview (Bull Rope Match) (1/3/87)

Stan Hansen Music Video (1/3/87)

TNT v. Joe Savoldi (JIP) (1/11/87)

Chicky Starr's Sport Shop w/ Carlos Colon (1/17/87)

Gran Mendoza & Bob Heffernan Personality Profile (1/25/87)

TNT Music Video (2/28/87)

Carlos Colon vs. Chicky Starr (Cage Match Clips) (2/27/87)

Carlos Colon vs. Jason the Terrible (3/25/87)

Invader I vs. TNT (Match Clips) (3/28/87)

Chicky’s Sport Shop w/ The Sheepherders (4/11/87)

Jason the Terrible & TNT vs. Hercules Ayala & Miguel Perez Jr. (4/11/87)

TNT Music Video (4/18/87)

Invader I vs. Jason Recap (4/18/87)

Ejercito de la Justicia (4/18/87)

Abdullah the Butcher vs. Armando Salgado (May 1987)

Hercules Ayala vs. Carlos Colon Highlights (10/10/87)

Hercules Ayala & Mr. Kareem Muhammad vs. Jumbo Barretta & Black Magic (10/17/87)

Miguelito Perez and Huracan Castillo Jr vs. The Crusher and El Profe (10/17/87)

Chicky’s Sport Shop w/ Invader III (10/24/87)

Dutch Mantel + Chicky Starr (11/4/87)

Carlos Colon vs. Mr. Kareem Muhammad (11/4/87)

Dutch Mantel vs. Chicky Starr (11/14/87)

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