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EXTRAS 1988 - 89

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Huracan Castillo Jr. + Eric Embry Highlights (1/6/88)

Carlos Colon vs. Iron Sheik Highlights (1/6/88)

Super Black Ninja vs. Maelo Huertas (1/8/88)

Bobby Jaggers & Dan Kroffat vs. Victor Jovica & Armando Salgado (1/8/88)

Chicky Starr Sports Shop w/ Kansas Jayhawks (1/9/88)

Miguel Perez Jr. Video (1/9/88)

Carlos Colon Music Video (1/30/88)

Chicky’s Flower Shop w/ Afa (1/30/88)

Super Black Ninja Music Video (1/30/88)

Carlos Colon vs. Dan Spivey (5/7/88)

Manny Fernandez vs. Invader III (5/11/88)

Jayhawks on the Farm (5/21/88)

Ron & Chicky Starr + Invader (6/11/88)

TNT Martial Arts Demonstration (6/11/88)

Ron Starr vs. Invader 1 (Death Match Highlights) (6/11/88)

Chicky Starr Music Video (6/11/88)

Carlos Colon Music Video (6/11/88)

Chicky Starr vs. Mike Jackson (June 1988)

Hurricane Castillo Jr. vs. El Profe (Boxing Match) (June 1988)

Bruiser Brody vs. Abdullah the Butcher (7/13/88)

Capitol Sports Promotions Bruiser Brody Statement (7/23/88)

Rufus R Jones Interview (7/30/88)

Chicky Starr's Sport Shop w/ Invader III (8/6/88)

Jaggers & Kroffat vs. Masked Men (8/10/88)

Ricky Santana Promo w/ Bunkhouse Battle Royal Clips (8/13/88)

Kansas Jayhawks vs. Masked Men (8/13/88)

Ron & Chicky Starr Interview (8/13/88)

Miguel Perez Jr. v. Hercules Ayala (JIP) (8/14/88)

Kansas Jayhawks vs. Miguel Perez Jr. & Hurricane Castillo Jr (Haircut Angle) (8/17/88)

Mr. Pogo + Ricky Santana Feud Recap (8/17/88)

THE WWC AWARDS! (8/20/88)

Buddy Landel Video (8/21/88)

Carlos Colon’s Universal Championship Recap (9/10/88)

Terry Funk vs. Fabulous Lance (October 1988)

Kansas Jayhawks vs. Perez Jr & Castillo Jr (October 1988)

Chicky’s Sports Shop w/Ron Starr (11/26/88)

The Batten Twins vs. Ron & Chicky Starr (11/19/88)

TNT Music Video (11/26/88)

Ron Starr Video (11/26/88)

El Profe’s Wrestling Class (11/26/88)


Abuddadein video (3/12/89)

Steve Strong & Chicky Starr vs. Invader I & TNT (July 89)

Chicky Starr + TNT (August 1989)

Steve Strong Music Video (9/9/89)

Dile No A Las Drogas (9/22/89)

Abuddadein & Rip Rogers Music Video (9/22/89)

Anniversario 1989 Commercial (9/22/89)

Invader Music Video (9/22/89)

Abdullah the Butcher Music Video (November 1989)

Abdullah the Butcher Music Video (December 1989)

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