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[2016-09-30-CMLL] Barbaro Cavernario vs Volador Jr

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The first falls were worked just so they'd get out of the way, the "climb on the top rope only for the other wrestler to stand up and do an avalanche move" is CMLL's version of the "bounce of the ropes-eat a move", there was no structure to this other than "let's do a bunch of cool shit", they went overboard with the slap effect strikes and Cavernario botched a dive pretty hard-he even botched the recovery. Those are my reasons for not rating it as a great match. Because the stuff they did REALLY is neat-it's hard to look at something like Volador's big dive and continue being cynical about wrestling. I was also amused at how Maximo and Tirantes were more over than the actual competitors. If you ever feel like just wanting to watch a bunch of awesome looking dives and highspots this is it right here. I'm not going to post a million GIFs or descrive a bunch of spots they did-but trust me. It's good workrate with enough *basic* psychology and quality feeding for it to work, even if Volador will play to the crowd when he should be selling. ***1/2

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