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Buddy Rose vs. Hack Sawyer (1/16/82)

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​First fall: ​The comment Frank made about hockey player Bobby Orr referred to Buddy's ring attire. Black and gold are the colors of the NHL's Boston Bruins, which is the team Orr most famously played for.


I loved the opening sequence, where Buddy kept taking issue with Sandy's counts no matter how fast or slow they were. That's the kind of comedy that wrestling should have more of: funny, entertaining, yet relevant to the match in the ring.


Frank brought this up on commentary, but it bears repeating in black and white: Buddy only used one questionable move for the entire fall, when he briefly grabbed the rope for extra leverage when he had Hack trapped in an armbar. Loved the "patrolling referee" whom the camera made sure to get a shot of. When's the last time you saw an old lady on one of Vince's broadcasts? (Moolah and Mae Young don't count.)


I liked the armwork Hack did in this fall, particularly the short arm scissors. Most guys use the armbar as their control hold, so it was nice to see something a little different.


I think Frank has it nailed where Buddy's weight is concerned; two seventy may even be a bit low. Buddy definitely looked more winded than he usually does at certain points during the fall


It's hard to believe that Hack's still a rookie here, because he sure doesn't wrestle like one. His moves are crisp, and he definitely knows where he is in the ring at all times.


Leave it to Buddy to be distracted and almost pinned because he saw a sign in the crowd. Actually, I'm surprised that that spot hasn't been used in Buddy's matches more often, because it fits an egomaniac such as him like a glove.


Hack has Buddy reeling toward the end of the fall, but hits his shoulder on the post as he attempts to follow up on an Irish whip. Buddy goes to lift him, but he wraps the Playboy up in a small package, and Sandy tolls the three count to put Hack up one fall to none with about nine minutes of disc time remaining. Hack's obviously favoring the shoulder he hit on the post as we go to the break.


Second fall: ​This fall consists almost entirely of one incredible move: a superplex by Buddy from the apron up to the turnbuckles and then down to the mat. Needless to say, Hack doesn't get up, and the match is tied at a fall apiece with about six and a half minutes of disc time remaining. I've seen lots of superplexes, but none done exactly like that. Hack looks like he's still far out to lunch as we go to break.


Nice little blurb between falls from Frank concerning Regal's condition. I liked how he reminded the audience that wrestlers (supposedly) don't get paid while they're injured, then asked "How much do you think Rose and Borne will have to pay in blood?" Talk about a subtle but effective sales job.


According to Frank, Buddy's going to try to score some goals between periods of a Portland Winter Hawks hockey game the following night. Clips of this are located in the extras.


Third fall: ​Buddy spends the first part of the fall working on Hack's injured back, and Hack takes some hellacious bumps to further the cause, including one off the apron and into the aisle following a dropkick. Hack's just turned things around when Buddy takes him down and puts his feet on the ropes for leverage. Sandy counts three, and Buddy's the new Northwest champion........until Rocky and Iceman hit the ring and demonstrate exactly how he got the pin. That's enough for Sandy to reverse the decision, disqualify Buddy, and give the belt back to Hack. A similar demonstration by Buddy goes for naught.


I loved Buddy's postmatch promo, where he promised to find a way to beat Rocky and run him out of town as "revenge" for stealing the belt from him. He and Rocky have a no-DQ match coming up the following Tuesday with Matt and Oliver in a separate cage so they can't interfere. I wish the match had made tape, because I'll bet it was a goody.


Speaking of goodies, I can't wait to see the rematch between Buddy and Hack later on this disc, or the two singles matches between Regal and Buddy either.

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