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[2016-08-04-LLE] Ultimo Guerrero vs Rey Escorpion

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It's kind of fascinating how many hyped matches in 2016 are that aren't any good and yet there's a huge amount of really good stuff in Mexico that virtually no one talks about. I absolutely loved the first half of this one as it was basically one control segment of Escorpion beating the shit out of Ultimo Guerrero, laying in vicious punches, chops and back elbows as well as executing beautiful head stomps (which are an underrated lucha brawl trademark). Ultimo Guerrero's facial expressions were on point and really spoke to the crowd-if there's one thing you can't blame him for it's not understanding them. They built a nice mini angle over the ref holding Ultimo's arm and them arguing over whether he was punching or not, and when Ultimo finally got his hands on Escorpion the place went wild, it was deafening. The match eventually became a little too back and forth for my taste although the workrate was on a high level with them hitting great dives and whatnot. Still as badass as Ultimo Guerrero's Dropkick off the apron is I will remember the spot where he jumped on the top rope after an Escorpion irish whip and Escorpion just looked at him and contemplated whether he should go after him for about five seconds more. ***1/2

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