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[2016-02-21-WWE-Fast Lane] Kalisto vs Alberto del Rio

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Another very good in their feud, the two of three falls structure works perfectly to give more freshness to the matchup, since this was the 4th match in two months. Alberto goes quickly to the arm of Kalisto and attacks it with viciousness. He really nails the acting of an abusive heel, he manhandles him, and tries to rip his mask off. The champion, however, proves to be quicker and gets ahead with all his rapid movements, giving good use to his mexican heritage and pulling some neat spots off. Alberto, now being in danger, makes the best move he could make, steals a page from Rick Rude's book and disqualifies himself, with the purpose of further damaging Kalisto. This allows him to easily win the second fall. The third fall is also very good, every move has cool little details, Kalisto hope spots were great and the ending was creative and makes total sense regarding the narrative of the match and the fall (Kalisto tried that quick pin earlier). Really good stuff.

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