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Between the Sheets #77 (January 4-11, 1999)

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Kris & David are guestless this week talking about the week that was January 4-10, 1999. We talk about all the insane events going on around the world with 3 major world heavyweight titles changing hands. We talk about all the other events going on with ECW running a big PPV and a fun episode of Memphis Power Pro plus a CAN’T MISS WCW section with the FINGER POKE OF DOOM. This is a must listen show!!!



0:00:00 WWF

0:53:33 Japan: AJPW, NJPW, BJPW, FMW, Fuyuki Army, Michinoku Pro, WPW, Other, AJPW, & LLPW

1:40:39 Other North America: Canada, EMLL, IWRG, & IWAPR

2:04:28 Classic Commercial Break

2:06:56 The Amazon Game

2:44:59 ECW

3:30:11 Other USA: IPW(A), Music City Wrestling, MPPW, IWAMS, & Potpourri

3:51:24 WCW


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So what specifically happened in the Ogawa/Hashimoto match? I saw the match and thought it was all a work and people in the yearbook thread thought so too. Bix was calling it a double cross but wasn't clear what he meant by that? It was planned all until the end when Ogawa went harder than planned so they called it?

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Really enjoyed the show this week - a pretty monumental one when you think of all the stuff that was happening all over the wrestling world at that point.


Wrestling is full of 'what if's' but the Finger Poke of Doom is a pretty big one, and I've always wondered where they could've gone, if they'd gone down the route of a face Nash vs heel Hogan rather than what we got. Hindsight shows that there was probably a lot more juice in the streak and Goldberg title run, but if you watch the Starrcade match, Nash is really over coming into the match and there's a pretty sizeable face pop when he wins the match. Given the aftermath and this Nitro is so soon after that match means that isn't really discussed. Nash/Hogan was something that had been teased throughout 98 and while I'm not sure a prolonged Nash title run was the answer to combating the WWF at the time, you do just wonder how things would've played out if they hadn't gone down the finger poke route.

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This is where I am now.


As a teenager (I was ~17 when this happened), I was kind of frustrated that I couldn't talk my dad into taking to me all the way to Worcester for that Raw taping. I've been to 3 or 4 PPVs and a share of other shows in my life but I've never actually seen a title change live and that would be a big one. It probably would have been the most special moment I'd seen live in wrestling, even now, but between Foley's stock as a general human being dropping somewhat in my eyes over the years and listening to this show, I think I've finally exorcised that from my past. There is just so much reprehensible Russo crap on this show and the idea of sitting through it with my dad and trying to rationalize and explain it all to him is mortifying in retrospect. No, I'm ok I didn't go to that Raw. I'm good. Thanks.

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