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[2017-01-06-CMLL] Valiente vs Ultimo Guerrero

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This is a crisp, paint-by-numbers escalating match, that is easy to follow and really, really good. Ultimo's entrance is interrupted and they waste no time fighting. He goes for Valiente's mask and actually rips it, so the heat is established if you're new to both guys. The first two falls are based around quick submissions, but I liked the counter Ultimo used in caida dos to apply his. Made sense, where sometimes those can seem out of nowhere.


Valiente (42) and Ultimo (44) are nearly flawless in execution here and Valiente is flying all over the place (he hit a rana early in the match off the top rope that is picture-perfect). Really snug topes and in turn Ultimo hits a great running/diving uppercut over the ring barricade into the crowd. There's no kind of extended heat here, it's trading escalating moves, which is totally fine for what they were going for. Each guy goes for a top rope move with their opponent seated and the reversals all make sense psychology-wise (taking too long, etc). Ultimo busts out a real nice powerbomb off a blocked rana also after Valiente went back to the well. Valente busts out a double springboard moonsault to the outside here also, which was amazing. Clean and clear finish with multiple finishers hit; these guys did not mess around here. This is really good pro wrestling.



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Yes! Somebody besides me is praising this match! That makes me so happy.


I love this and went as high as **** 1/4, but I agree with what Brad said here. I think I may just irrationally love Valiente.

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