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[2017-01-26-TNA-Genesis] Eddie Edwards vs Lashley

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When did Lashley become such a good wrestler? He was absolutely great here - super awesome arrogant monster heel performance by him. Eddie was really good as the scrappy underdog too, but much like in the match vs. Davey Richards, Lashley was the star. ****

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I agree with the comments above. I think something clicked for Lashley clicked in the 2016 timeframe and he finally understood how to utilized all his natural athleticism and power effectively in a pro wrestling environment. That being said his WWE run has been mostly lackluster, but that can also be attributed to booking. 

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards vs Bobby Lashley - TNA Impact 1/26/17 IronMan

I've known Eddie Edwards as a fellow Bostonian and one half of the Wolves, but the less famous half. So lets see what he can do in a 30 minute Ironman Match against an improved, motivated Lashley

First 15 minutes: We lose a big chunk of the first half of the match to commercial break. There is not much going on before the first ad break. Lashley hit the first highspot, a delayed vertical but that was pretty meaningless as Edwards came back with a good suicide dive. Edwards kicked some ass on the outside, good chops. I am not a big tattoo guy never seen that many I truly think are cool. That being the Wolf Claw Scratch tat on Edwards' chest is pretty badass. Before the ad break, Lashley takes over again. Pretty messy start. They did  not establish a story or their characters. I like Lashley's back elbow to the head, but that was no sold. Spear out of nowhere for the first fall. This at least creates an inherent story can the valiant, plucky champion overcome a 1-0 deficit against the powerful Lashley. Lashley methodically, arrogantly pummels Edwards. He takes his foot off the gas. Edwards strings three moves together and looks to be on the comeback trail. Lashley HURLS him to the outside. Great demonstration of power and great bump by Edwards. Lashley THROWS Edwards DOWN on the Ramp with a Ferocious Powerbomb for the countout fall. It is now 2-0 Lashley. The match feels like it is starting to pick up. Lashley has exposed the turnbuckles in the ring and Edwards is really milking this Powerbomb sell as he should. Lets see if the second half is better than this ok first half. 

Second 15 Minutes: The Edwards fall after Lashley charges into Exposed Turnbuckle was very lame. There was no build to it. Totally heatless. To make matters worse Lashley hit the the next slam after the fall. I thought the Boston Knee Party (I like the move name, but wish it was done with the kneecap rather than the inside of the knee) on the ramp was a lot better. Had great heat. It was a Hail Mary that landed, but because it was outside the ring. It didnt count yet. Ultimately, in the ring Edwards connected again and scored another fall. It is all knotted up. They did the whole kick out of each other's finishers because there is only 5 minutes left deal. Lashley trapped him in a head/arm triangle to get the tap out. Go up 3-2! Lashley tries to run out the clock by milling around the outside and saying he should just be declared champion. Pope gets on his case rightfully. That dweeb Josh Matthews prattles on about how smart this is! Listen you tool, there is something to be said for sportsmanship! Furthermore, jackass Josh, there are classier ways to run out the clock. Finally, he is the FUCKING HEEL, stop defending him and do your job and deride him. The only thing that has decayed more in wrestling than the wrestling itself in the 21st century is the commentary. Where are the STRONG BABYFACE voices!!! Anyways, Lashley does get back in the ring and goes for the Spear to put this out of reach but Edwards grabs a Guillotine Choke. Lashley just barely hangs on after a minute to escape and win the World's Championship.

Perfectly acceptable wrestling. The two highspots on the ramp were good other than that it was very alright. Would have liked to seen more interesting character work or narrative. ***  


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