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[2016-07-13-WWE-NXT] Finn Balor vs Shinsuke Nakamura

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It is very fitting that in his last NXT match quite possibly ever, Finn Bálor put on the best performance of his career. His work was really damn great in this, I loved all of his work on top, his mannerisms & the leg work was awesome. Shinsuke was Shinsuke, he was pretty awesome, I only wish that he had sold the leg work a bit better, but then again the spotty selling was expected because it was Shinskay. It didn't really bother me THAT MUCH though, as I still loved the match & because his selling with his facial expressions is always great + his initial selling is really great too, but it's just that he forgets about the work done on his leg to do his usual leg/knee based offense. And because of that, I really can't call this match 'great' - had Nakamura been better with his long-term selling it could've been great. It was still very, very, very good though. ***3/4

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