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[2016-12-16-PWG-Mystery Vortex IV] Jeff Cobb & Matt Riddle vs Young Bucks

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This was a blast. Easily the best looking match on the card, and it delivered big time. Started off with Riddle & Cobb making Bucks their fools by throwing them around and striking the crap out of them + Riddle also busted out some real nice submissions. Then Bucks got the advantage by their tag tactics, which was something I really liked because they obviously are way more experienced as a team. It made perfect sense. The transition was done super well. Matt Riddle was a really good FIP, and Cobb was a tremendous hot tag; loved him just throwing Bucks around. From then on, the match kicked into the finishing gear, and it was as awesome as you'd expect. Amazing, amazing match. Absolutely loved it. ****1/2

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