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[2017-01-20-AAW-Don't Stop Believing] Sami Callihan vs Candice LeRae

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In an age where it feels like the E just signs everyone from the indies, I am baffled why they haven't picked Candice up yet. She is so awesome. When it comes to laying out intergender matches there really isn't anyone better (that I know of) in the world right now - here she went & put on a legitimately super fun, really good match vs. Sami Callihan. Love watching Candice kick some ass, the violence party Super Dragon spot is something I'll always love. She mostly worked the match from underneath, and she was great at it. Callihan was really good as the one working on top, being angry at his smaller opponent almost getting the win, who he at the start did not take seriously. Very enjoyable bout. ***1/2

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Almost always love Candice LeRae in these settings. She's so great at garnering sympathy and selling like it's nobody's got damn business. Bad inter-gender matches can be hot garbage, but she gets it right almost 100% of the time. It's crazy.


I realize this is a broader topic on its own, but I feel like - in a day & age where the David and Goliath story doesn't necessarily draw the same reaction or emotion as it did in years past - performers like Candice have really become complete "small guy" workers in their own right.


It's so commonplace to see small guys tossed around by giants nowadays. It hardly elicits the intended or desired reaction. But, when someone like Candice approaches these matches right (and she normally does), you see that same spark. The crowd can go from unbearably smarky to totally concerned and genuinely invested in the blink of an eye, and that's just one of the wonderful things to keep your eye on in some of her matches.

I'll never forget the visual of her bleeding - her hands visibly trembling and shaking, as she tries to fight & muster the strength to power through - in that incrrrredibly fun Guerilla Warfare match against the Bucks from a few years back. Just amazing, compelling imagery - and I don't know if that same blade job by ANY other underdog in that exact same spot packs quite the same punch. If so, it's a short list.

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