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[2017-02-11-FIP-Ascension] Fred Yehi vs Brian Cage

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Fuck yeah this RULED. Yehi started it with super fire, but that didn't last long as the match transitioned into Cage just throwing Yehi around. You could see the desperation in Yehi from his great facial expressions - he tried to target Cage's limbs in his brief hope spots, but those never lasted long as Cage always got the advantage because of his size & strength advantage. This is the best Cage has ever looked - he looked like a true monster because he didn't do too much stuff & just threw Yehi around. It was wonderful. The ending was great, because it showed that Yehi had to use FIP's unique no-rope-breaks rule in order to beat the monster that is the man they call Cage. Made both guys look super awesome. This was very good pro rasslin', people. ****3/4

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