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[1999-01-24-WWF-Royal Rumble] Road Dogg vs Big Bossman

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It's insane to think how over Road Dogg was at this time, given his talent. The crowd eat up all his catchphrases. They start with a lot of stalling and the crowd don't seem to mind. I've watched the past few episodes of Raw and this is worked at a much slower pace than anything you would see on the TV show. Say what you want about Russo's booking, but shorter TV matches and longer PPV matches is a winning combination. There's nothing too fancy here, big punches shift the momentum as apposed to a flashy slam or suplex. Road Dogg hits all his signature spots to the crowd's approval, only to fall victim to a Bossman Slam out of nowhere to end this one. Solid enough house show-esque match to kick things off.



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