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I like how you are using the tournament matches to advance your stories and build toward the huge Memorial Day card.


TA vs Atlas sounded like a really good match.

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As Gordi said, great job intertwining the storylines into the tournament.


Magnum is on fire here in the UWF, the final against Murdoch should be great.


Loving the Gilbert vs. Rich storyline which is seemingly coming to an end.

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MAY 26, 1986


Welcome everyone to the Memorial Day Bash in Pensacola, Florida. I am Jim Ross along with my partner Cowboy Bill Watts and we are coming to you from the Pensacola Bay Center. The UWF has really gone all out to honor the military this weekend and it all began last night at Admiral Mason Field at the United States Naval Base right here in Pensacola where the UWF gave a free wrestling show for all military personal and their families and tonight it is the huge event we have all been waiting for.

Bill Watts: That’s right Jim. This wrestling spectacular has it all. Title matches, grudge matches, a Loser Leave Town Match and the big one, the finals of the UWF tournament to crown a new champion and Nikita Koloff vs Rick Martel for the NWA World Title!

Jim Ross: We have such a busy night with 11 huge matches so let’s get to the ring.


Brad Armstrong & Jeff Jarret vs The Hollywood Blondes (Rip Rogers & Buddy Landell)

A nice show case here where all 4 have some technical skill and the heels are great at bringing some heat on themselves. In the end, we see Jeff Jarrett save Brad from the Figure 4 of Buddy Landell and then when the action goes a little bonzo gonza, Double J hit the inverted Russian Legsweep for the victory! If Jeff Jarrett every makes it in this sport, he is going to owe so much to Brad Armstrong who is really showing him the ropes.


Exotic Adrian Street with Miss Linda vs Cowboy Ron Bass

With Ron Wright already in the ring, the crowd is full of smiles as Street and Miss. Linda head to the ring. Some truly enjoy the antics of this duo while many of these big military dudes in the audience are just seeming to have a big chuckle. Once the match gets under way, Street seems to be one step ahead of Ron Bass and is able to control the opening minutes. He even backed Bass all the way into the corner and when the ref called for the break, Street planted a big kiss on the cheek of Bass. As Bass flailed around in disgust, he “accidently” knocked the ref down. This allowed Black Bart to rush the ring and hit Street, who was in the middle of getting a freshening perfume spray from Linda, with the branding iron. This made it easy for Bass to cover Street for the 3 count just as the ref was getting up. Bass and Bart berated the crowd as the celebrated their victory on the way back to the locker room as Miss. Linda was in the ring taking care of Exotic Adrian’s aching head.

Ultimate Warrior VS Ron Wright’s Special Enforcer

When Killer Khan walks out with Ron Wright, everyone in the Bay Center is stunned except for the Ultimate Warrior who doesn’t seem the least bit concerned. Neither of these wild men waited for the bell. This had nothing to do with wrestling as both men knew they were in an all-out fight. From the chops and kicks of Khan to the forearm smashes and Big Boots of the Warrior, both men were busted open within the first 5 minutes. Then the most amazing thing of the night happened… Ultimate Warrior gorilla press-slammed Khan over the top rope all the way to the floor. Warrior didn’t wait for the ref to make the 10 count, instead he went out after Khan and the war continued out on the floor resulting in a double count-out. In order to regain some order, the officials had to empty from the back and get these two monsters separated.

Ron Wright’s Army (Grizzly Boone & Big Bubba Ottman) vs Bob Armstrong, Ron Fuller

As he leads Boone and Ottman to the ring, Ron Wright is heard over and over again that this is the end of the Unchristian Alliance of Armstrong and Fuller. There is one thing that is obvious; Ron Wright is one of those people who just gets your blood boiling and the crowd is all over him. They explode as Fuller and Armstrong had to the ring as this one is really good vs evil. The match has some nice back and forth and what makes it really fun is that neither team has any interest in rules. Wright has tried his best here to interfere in the match but the most he has been able to accomplish so far is that he jumped up on the apron and was clocked by the Bullet. Boone and the Bullet are battling it out in the center of the ring and Boone is just too powerful and he comes out on top of this exchange. Boone goes for the Splash but somehow Armstrong rolls away and even though he is up there in years, he makes a quick move for the Georgia Jawbreaker

Wham! Armstrong connects with his finisher!





Jim Ross: Good Gawd Almighty! Ron Wright has just tossed his pair of knuckbusters to Ron Fuller and he has clocked his own partner. Bob Armstrong is busted wide open. Boone and Fuller embrace as Fuller holds Armstrong down for a Double Giant Splash by Ottman and Boone.


Jim Ross: As Gawd is my witness, Bob Armstrong might just be broken in half. Finally, Wright’s Army covers Armstrong to put an end to this diabolical attack.


Ron Wright, Grizzly Boon and Bubba Ottman hoist Fuller up on their shoulders and walk back to the locker room. The crowd is so mad, they are hitting Wright’s men with anything they can find as a medical crew rushes out with a stretcher for Bullet Bob.


UWF Southern Title Match

Lex Luger vs Dr. D David Schultz

Two more big horses going at it here as Jim Ross reminds us that Baby Doll is nowhere to be found. Back and forth we go as both men are just too big and strong to be kept down for ever. It looked like it was over after Dr. D hit a piledriver but Luger kicked out at the count of 2. We have all seen an angry Dr. D but this time it was like he was going to explode. He grabs Luger by the head and yanks him up as he is going for another piledriver.


Blocked by Luger.

Schultz goes for it again.

Back Body Drop by Luger who is now shaking as the adrenaline begins to pump through his body. The two exchange big right hands and the last one sent Schultz to the mat. As Schultz staggers to his feet, Luger comes off the ropes for a monster lariat. Luger then signals to the crowd that it is time for the Backbreaker Rack and they explode! Luger hoists Dr. D up across his shoulders and bends him in half! Shultz tries to wiggle free but Luger will have none of that! Shultz is forced to surrender and Luger retains his title.


As the match comes to a close, the crowd stirs as Baby Doll heads to the ring. She comes through the middle ropes and walks right over to Lex. She grabs his arm and raises it in victory and the two walk out together as Dr. D just watches both his chance at a championship and a women walk up the aisle.


UWF Continental Title Match

“Dirty” Dick Slater with Jim Cornette vs Kendell Windham

Another wild brawl where each man gets their turn to shine. Slater is as Dirty as always here but even his tapped fists and Figure 4 while holding the ropes for leverage can’t gain him the victory. After an eye rake on Windham, the ref admonishes Slater but this is when Cornette sees his chance and rushes into the ring and clobbers Windham with the tennis racket and Slater quickly comes over and gains the pinfall.


Hacksaw Butch Reed & Ron Simmons vs the Nation of Domination (Tony Atlas & Bad Bad LeRoy Brown) with Ernie Ladd

There is some real bad blood between these teams and at the center of the conflict is Ernie Ladd. Jim Ross reminds us that on the line in this match is Ernie Ladd’s Managerial License. As the action gets under way, we see these 4 big men are going for broke with power move after power. We see Atlas strap in the Bearhug on Simmons, Reed hits the Gorilla Press Slam on Brown, Brown hits Reed with the Ghetto Blaster and Simmons powerslam Atlas but each time someone hit a big move a save was made.


Things seemed to take a turn for the worse when Ladd hit a Big Boot on Reed but the crowd exploded as Ray Candy heads towards the ring to balance the sides out. As soon as Reed and Atlas get back in the ring after their little excursion to the floor, Reed tags in Simmons. Ron ducks a big clothesline attempt from Atlas and catches him with a huge powerslam. Reed rushes over and knocks Brown off the apron so he can’t make the save!



Simmons gets the 3 count and as Jim Ross hypes up the fact the Ernie Ladd has lost his managerial license, Ray Candy hits the ring and wallops an unsuspecting Butch Reed. We now see Ray Candy, LeRoy Brown and Ernie Ladd all over Simmons and Reed. After the damage is done, they head over and begin a 3-1 crushing of Tony Atlas! When the beating ends, Ray Candy and LeRoy Brown embrace and then turn to Ernie Ladd and the two salute him like his is some king of General.


The Midnight Express with Jim Cornette vs The Rock n Roll Express




The champs come out first and they seem a little hesitant to climb the 25 foot scaffold to the top. Jim Cornette looks up and is upset and threatens to walk away but the ref reminds him that in tonight’s match, a countout will result in a title change. Reluctantly, Eaton and Condrey begin the ascent. The speakers begin to blast, “Rock n Roll All Night” and the crowd goes wild. Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton also seem a bit nervous but quickly take their place atop the scaffold. The rules are simple, when both members of one team reach the floor, the other team wins.


As the match starts, Gibson and Eaton carefully make their way to the center of the ladders that join the two sides of the scaffold. They lock up collar and elbow. As they do this, Morton quickly crawls between both of their legs and is on Condrey in a second. The teams continue to battle for a number of minutes but most of this is from a sitting position so they have a wide base for balance. Morton was able to catch Condrey with an enzuguri kick which knocked him off balance. Lover Boy Dennis ends up dangling from the side of one of the ladders and Ricky simple stomps on his hands until he lets go. Condrey falls the 25 feet to the ring and appears to have hurt his ankle. Cornette is irate and begins to kick and scream about how this type of match is barbaric. Eaton begins to descend down the scaffold and it is hard to tell if he is quitting or hiding. Robert Gibson is in hot pursuit of him. Ricky Morton begins to come across the ladders like he is on the monkey bars when he was a kid. Eaton sees this as a chance to at least take out one member of the Rock n Roll Express and starts to monkey bar at Ricky. They meet in the middle and begin to make giant swings at each other. Both were landing some heavy kicks to the chest of their opponent. Gibson is still in hot pursuit of Eaton and is monkey barring behind him. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson are now alternating kicks on Beautiful Bobby. Ricky is hitting him in the chest and when he sways the other way, Robert is kicking him in the back. After about 3 rounds of this, Eaton crashes to the ring. The Rock n Roll Express are the winners ane new NWA National Champions! Ricky and Robert careful monkey bar back across and descend to the ring as the crowd gives them a huge ovation.




Loser Leave Town Match


Eddie Gilbert vs Tommy Rich with Missy Hyatt

Cowboy Bill Watts and the UWF Board of Directors has decided this feud has gone far enough and that this is the last stand as the loser must leave the UWF! Eddie Gilbert is in the ring first and he seems poised to go. Missy Hyatt, in a very revealing outfit, leads Wildfire to the ring and she walks right up to Gilbert and smacks him across the face. As Hyatt prances away, the ref calls for the bell and the war is on. This has little to do with wrestling and looks more like a backyard brawl. The action often spills outside the ring and both men use anything they can find. Even though both men are a bloodied mess, Wildfire seems to be in control. He hits 3 consecutive body slams on the concrete floor and then rolls Gilbert into the ring! On his way into the ring, Tommy Rich grabs a steel chair and he is bringing into the ring with him. Gilbert seems to be really struggling and it is like a light bulb goes off in Rich’s head. He calls Missy Hyatt into the ring and hands her the chair. Wildfire grabs Gilbert as the crowd implores Missy to clock Gilbert!



Jim Ross: Oh my… that little jeezabel… Missy Hyatt has just clocked Tommy Rich and he is out. She is jumping around as giddy as 5 year old on Christmas morning. Eddie Gilbert looks at her with a big smirk across his face and it dawns on everyone that this was all a set up. Gilbert covers Rich and gets the victory. The crowd is stunned as Wildfire is out of the UWF!


The Road Warriors with Paul Ellering vs Devastation Inc. (Steve “Dr. Death” Williams & the Barbarian) with Skandar Akbar

Jim Ross: No doubt about it… this one is going to be a slobberknocker!

And that was the understatement of the year. Dr. Death and the Barbarian and two men who won’t back down from the Road Warriors and this match always seemed to be one big move away from being over. In fact, it was many huge moves away as both teams hit each other with everything but the kitchen sink. Dr. Death hit Animal with the Spear. Hawk caught Barbarian with the Doomsday Device. The Barbarian hit his diving headbut on Hawk and Animal nearly decapitated Dr. Death with a huge clothesline. Each team it looked to be over, the partner made the save and we went bonza gonza for a while with all four men in the ring.

All of a sudden another man in Arabian attire heads to the ring and Skandar Akbar is ecstatic. The two embrace and we hear the murmur in the crowd. Jim Ross has no idea who it is but we find out that he is quickly going to get involved. As Dr. Death goes to whip Hawk into the ropes, Hawk reverses it. The mystery man doesn’t see the reversal and pulls the middle rope down causing Dr. Death to crash to the floor. Hawk quickly climbs the rope and crashes all the way to the floor for a flying clothesline. The ref is about to make the 10 count on Williams and Akbar tells his friend to roll Dr. Death into the ring so there is not a countout. This just leads to a Doomsday Device and the win by the Road Warriors.


As Dr. Death staggers to his feet, he seems confused and what has just happened while Akbar seems frustrated that Devastation Inc. did not win the titles.




Magnum. T.A. vs Dick Murdoch with Ron Wright

The crowd is on pins and needles for this one as T.A. is the most popular wrestler in the UWF right now and anyone seen with Ron Wright is automatically enemy #1. Murdoch loves the heat he is getting from the crowd and jumps T.A. before the bell rings. With this Pearl Harbor attack, Murdoch controls the opening minutes but can’t gain the victory. Eventually T.A. gets his time in the sun and it looks like he is trying to set Murdoch up for the Belly to Belly as he whips Captain Redneck into the ropes.


Ron Wright sees this also and actually pulls down the middle rope causing his man to tumble to floor. Murdoch is a little worse for wear but Wright actually saved his man from a loss with that quick thinking. The camera catches Ron Wright giving Murdoch his “chisel” (Brass Knuckles) as he heads to the ring. Ole Anderson, watching from the back also say this and rushed to the ring. He went right into the ring and alerted the ref. The ref checks Murdoch as finds the weapon and rips them off of the hand of Purdoch. Since the brass knuckles where never used, there is not DQ and the match continues. The ref simple tosses the chisel out of play but Ole sees this and grabs the brass knuckles and puts them on his own hand.




Ole Anderson has clocked Ron Wright and the crowd goes wild. Murdoch sees this and is momentarily distracted. This is all T.A. needs to hit the Belly to Belly Suplex and the match is over.


Jim Ross: And the new UWF Champion is Magnum T.A.!



Rick Martel vs Nikita Koloff


This one has the large military contingent in the audience on edge and Nikita and Uncle Ivan do a great job of bringing the heat down upon themselves as the head to the ring waving the Russia flag. The crowd completely changes as the cheer the appearance of the champion. As Martel makes his way to the ring, Jim Ross expresses concern about his health and energy level as he reminds us of the heinous attack by Koloff on Martel and the Johnny Rougeau Memorial Cup and the fact that he just wrestled a huge match in Japan just two days ago against Jumbo Tsuruta.


When we finally do get under way, it appears that Jim Ross might be correct. Martel does not seem to be quite at his peak and Koloff controls the first few minutes. That all changed when Koloff thought he had Martel down and out and went for the Russian Sickle and Martel ducked under and hit the ropes and came off with a flying cross body block. Martel now gets his time to shine and he connects with some big moves including the gutwrench suplex, the airplane spin and the Slingshot Splash but each time he thought he had Nikita pinned, the Russian Nightmare kicked out at the count of 1. Martel changes his plan and goes for the submission victory as he locks in the Boston Crab! Nikita simply does a pushup and drags the champ to the ropes forcing the break.


A big exchange in the middle of the ring and Koloff, the monster heel, once again takes charge.


Russian Sickle #1… No pin attempt. Koloff simple pulls the champ up by the head.

Russian Sickle #2… No pin attempt. Russian Sickle #3. Russian Sickle #4.


Jim Ross: Nikita Koloff is not just out to hurt Rick Martel, he is trying to end his career. Something must be done before this monster does some permanent damage.


The camera focuses on the ramp to the ring and Ole Anderson and Magnum T.A. are rushing down the aisle. Ole Anderson has a white towel in his hand and he never hesitates to throw it into the ring. Magnum gets between Martel and the Nightmare while Ole goes to help Martel. Ole is frantically calling for the doctor as Nikita doesn’t even seem to celebrate. Ivan has the belt and Nikita is just giving huge flex after huge flex!




Jim Ross: Bah Gawd… the new NWA Champion is the devil himself, Nikita Koloff. What could possible be next?

As Nikita and Uncle Ivan begin to had to the locker room, a nearly 7’0 Japanese man comes walking down the aisle. It is obvious that Ivan Koloff knows who he is and sees his appearance as a threat as he steps towards him.


Jim Ross: Bawh Gawd fans, its former NWA Champion, Giant Baba


WHAM! Big Boot to Ivan’s face and down he goes.

Baba and Nikita are now throwing haymakers at each other and as the screen fades to black, Jim Ross ends the show by saying he doesn’t know what happened in Japan but it is obvious they believe they still have some claim to the NWA World Title. We will have to keep our eyes on this situation very closely. What would be the lesser of two evils… the NWA title in Japan or the NWA title around the waist of the Russian Nightmare. Fans… these are some dark days.

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Killer Khan is a great choice as the Special Enforcer. We have something big waiting for him in Japan.


Shocking turn for Ron Fuller!


I wonder what kind of effect Ladd losing his licence will have, going forward. I get the feeling that things are far from over between Candy, Brown, & Ladd vs Reed, Simmons, & now, perhaps, Atlas.


I have to agree with Cornette, that kind of match *is* barbaric.


So long, Tommy Rich. That's what you get for trusting a Jezebel. :)


I wonder what the fallout from the World Tag Team Title match will be, and I wonder who Akbar's "friend" is.


Nice payoff to the Ron Wright brass knuckles angle.


Nikita as champ is just nuts. Imagine that crowd reaction. Of course, I loved the ending with Giant Baba running in.


You built up every part of that show really well, and it all paid off in a satisfying manner while giving the fans plenty of reasons to keep tuning in. Very well done.

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What a card... what a card... Memorial day is one big card and one great show. I love Nikita winning... it was great... but I just didn't think we needed Baba there. It took some heat off of what happened... especially with the way that Martel was destroyed. His is a story that needed to be told but instead we completely shifted to Baba and Nikita which is great... but I just wanted to see more of Martel's story.


Outside of that... fantastic card and I love the tag title match with four of the toughest in the sport. Reed and Simmons are together. The scaffold match didn't disappoint. The tag division is hot right now in the UWF and with other pieces of the NWA available... you have got a lot of challengers for the Road Warriors.

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Bawh Gawd! What a supercard! This was so well written and what a night of twists, turns and title changes. Nikita has done it! The most dangerous man in the NWA, now holds the World Title. After all that out comes Baba, what an ending! Really liked the opening matches to get the crowd going. Warrior and Khan is my guilty pleasure match tonight. I guess I should of seen it coming LOL, but I was still surprised when Fuller turned on Armstrong. Luger blows the feud off with Dr. D and gets Baby Doll as well. Another twist I didn't see coming was Ray Candy! The Nation looked dominant as they attacked Reed, Simmons and Atlas. RnR Express win the titles in style by throwing the Midnights off the Scaffold! Another surprise as Missy helps Hot Stuff send Rich packing. That was one awesome feud! Things get way out of hand with the Road Warriors/Devastation Inc title match. Who is this new alley??? And of course Magnum TA gets a most deserving UWF title run. Great show with a true Mid South 80s feel.

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.. but I just didn't think we needed Baba there. It took some heat off of what happened... especially with the way that Martel was destroyed. His is a story that needed to be told but instead we completely shifted to Baba and Nikita which is great... but I just wanted to see more of Martel's story.




Just a reminder that the Nikita/Martel/Baba story has been building for a solid month. It started at the Johnny Rougeau Memorial Cup when Nikita assaulted Martel on Day 1, leading to Baba facing an injured Martel on Day 2, and continuing when Baba was assaulted by Nikita during the tournament finals match (with Inoki showing his class by choosing not to pin Baba after the assault)... plus we had Baba in Martel's corner during his championship match in Japan.


So, it's not like Baba's involvement here is completely out of the blue. (although, to be honest it also wasn't planned out as a long-term story, it just kind of worked out that way).


I see it as adding an element to Martel's story rather than taking away from it (I mean, of course that's how I see it. I'm 100 percent a Baba guy).


Hopefully there will be more to come from Baba vs Nikita and Martel vs Nikita. I don't think this will be like when Terry Funk attacked Flair in '89 and that just put an end to the Flair/Steamboat story. :)


It's interesting that both Baba and Nikita have beaten Martel... but in fact neither of them have beaten Martel at his best, when he was fully healthy.

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While I partly agree with LowBlow when he says that Nikita winning the title the way he did was a big moment in itself, I also agree with gordi that Baba's presence didn't absolutely take anything away from it exactly because of everything that has transpired in the month of May between all 3, starting with the Johnny Rougeau Memorial Cup. It also leaves the door open for many speculations;


-Are we gonna get Nikita vs Baba soon enough? In Japan or right here in the UWF?


-Is Nikita mad at Ole & Magnum for Ole throwing the towel the way he did? Will Nikita seek more retribution against Ole & Magnum.


-And how will Martel feel about Ole throwing the towel? What will Martel do next? And what role, if any, Baba will play in this?


On the contrary, you got SO MANY directions you can go with this that you're just setting yourself for a fantastic summer in the UWF. Fantastic job, Kevin!

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Fuller turning on Bullet Bob seems like it had to come. Killer Khan is a great fit for your UWF. Despite being nothing close to a Christian. :) Luger getting the win is a good boost for him. RnRs vs. Midnights is awesome, but scaffold matches are too limiting. That damn Missy Hyatt! Damn her!! Ole decking Wright with the knucks is priceless. I liked Magnum going over Murdoch a lot. NIkita as the champ is awesome. The way it was done made sense with recent booking around the world, so it's fine. I still think I want to see Magnum vs. Nikita before Baba vs. Nikita.


Great, great card that lived up to a lot of hype.

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I guess my general feeling is that the heat generated by Nikita destroying Martel is pushed aside when Baba shows up. It is still a great story don't get me wrong... but my personal favorite part of the story is Martel and I feel like his side of the tale is cut off too short.


If we see Nikita and Ivan gloating it makes sense... he is the NWA champion... perhaps the most prestigious champion in wrestling... but it is pushed aside for the angle.


I just think the angle could have been pushed to a different date or tv or something to keep the heat on Nikita for almost killing Martel.


Again... just one point of view.

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This is the definition of a supercard, well done...so many angles coming to a head and paying off.


Ron Fuller turning on Armstrong had to happen and this was the perfect time and place!


Magnum makes for an awesome champion, great win over Murdoch.


I like the Rock & Roll Express as National Champions...looking foward to bringing them to Texas.


Great buildup among UWF/Lutte/JWA to build to the title change...great finish to put heat on Kolloff but save face for Martel. It will be interesting to see how Ole and Magnum figure into this in the long haul.

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(HOUR #1)

The show starts with a video of Nikita Koloff defeating Rick Martel for the NWA World Title at the Memorial Day Bash in Pensacola.

Hello everybody. Welcome to UWF Wrestling. We are coming to you from the Barton Coliseum in Little Rock Arkansas. I am Jim Ross and my partner today is Cowboy Bill Watts. Well Bill, as we all just saw, we have begun a new era in the NWA. The unfortunate title reign of Nikita Koloff has begun.


Cowboy Bill Watts: That’s right Jim and it just sickens me to have to call him the champ but give Nikita his due. He has been unstoppable since coming to the NWA. We will be hearing from both Ivan and Nikita Koloff in our second hour.




DOOM (Hacksaw Butch Reed & Ron Simmons) defeat Randell Kayne & Paul Flynn when Reed hit a top rope Shoulder block on Kayne

After Reed and Simmons spend some time high fiving the fans they head over to the interview desk where Jim Ross let’s everyone know that last week at Memorial Day Bask, Doom beat Tony Atlas and Bad Bad LeRoy Brown causing Ernie Ladd to lose his managerial license. Ross also let’s everyone know that he has since left the UWF as has Tony Atlas, Ray Candy and LeRoy Brown. Bill Watts steps in and explains that Tony Atlas, who Ladd turned on last week was forced to leave the UWF due to him being under contract to Ernie Ladd who has since sold his contract to another wrestling promotion as Ladd claimed that he could not stomach Atlas to be around him any longer. Watts also says that LeRoy Brown and Ray Candy are staying loyal to Ladd and his Nation of Domination and have agreed to follow Ladd wherever he goes.


Hacksaw Butch Reed: How does it feel Ernie Ladd to know that I have know put you out of the UWF twice! First I whopped your behind and forced you to retire and now Ron Simmons and myself have ended your managerial career here in the UWF!


Ron Simmons: Boy did that feel great but one thing is for sure… we have some unfinished business with Ray Candy who Pearl Harbored us after the match. If you ever dare to return to the UWF we will beat you like the dog you are! I don’t even care if you bring back Ernie Ladd with you! I mean I just got here and have not had the pleasure of pounding his big ugly head!



Eddie Gilbert with Missy Hyatt beats Jerry Musher with the Hotshot

Eddie Gilbert: Well, well, well… I know all you Rednecks here in Arkansas where hoping you would not be seeing my face tonight. Well get used to it! That stupid Tommy Rich thought a real women like Missy Hyatt would be by his side when she could have Hotstuff! Well I guess we fooled all you pea brains and now Tommy Rich is out of the UWF! Let’s put that aside for a minute and get down to what is really important around here and that is getting a belt around my waist and to make sure that Missy Hyatt is recognized as Queen of the UWF!


Missy Hyatt: That’s right and why not kill two birds or dogs with one stone. I mean what else would you call a skank like Baby Doll but a dog! Her and Lex Luger call themselves the Perfect Alliance but they are just the perfect losers.


All of a sudden Baby Doll and Lex Luger rush out but Missy and Gilbert ran away towards the locker room!


Baby Doll: Any day Missy! Any day. In fact, I am pretty confident that I could beat Eddie Gilbert never mind you.


Lex Luger: Eddie Gilbert… you have crossed the line. You have allowed that mouthpiece in a tube top to write a check you can’t cash. When I get you in the Torture Rack, you are going to know why they call me the Total Package. How about it Cowboy Watts … this week at the Mid-South Coliseum … Eddie Gilbert and myself for the UWF Southern Championship.


Cowboy Bill Watts: Deal!


Honky Tonk Ron Ferris beats Homer O’Dell with the Shake Rattle & Roll

Jim Ross: Well Ron Ferris its been awhile since we have seen you in these parts.


Honky Tonk Man: First of all, from now on I will answer only to Honky Tonk Man and the reason it took me so long to get back to the UWF is the man to your left. That’s right; it is Cowboy Bill Watts who is at fault. I have been up north for quite some time and have become famous for my music and also my wrestling and Cowboy Bill Watts did not want to pay me what I am worth. In fact, it has taken months to get this deal done. One of the only reasons I agreed to come back here was to put that loud mouth Jerry Lawler in his place. Well just as I thought. As soon as he heard I was in contract talks to return, that yellow bellied dog ran for the hills. Well listen up Lawler, where ever you may be, I will be in action this week in the town you say you are the King of… that’s right, Memphis. I will quickly put some jobber out of his misery and if you feel like hearing some chin music, come on down to the Mid-South Coliseum and I will let you hear me play my guitar across your head.





Jim Ross: Well Cornette, how does it fell to be the manager of the former NWA National Tag Team Champions as you lost the Scaffold Match to the Rock n Roll Express?


Jim Cornette: Shut up Jim Ross! I mean it was a set up. The NWA conspired with the UWF to take our titles in some gimmick match. And trust me, mother’s lawyers are looking into it! Our shoulders were never down for the three count! Beautiful Bobby and Denis Condrey did not submit. Instead, we were smart enough to climb down a 25 foot scaffold and for this we have our belts taken away.


Jim Ross: I think the goal was to stay up on the scaffold!


Jim Cornette: I told you to shut up! It was a gimmick but let me tell you what won’t be… our victory this week in the Mid-South Coliseum as we are invoking our rematch clause!


All of a sudden, the Rock n Roll Express strut out with their new titles and just verbally give it to the Midnight Express! This quickly brings out Dirty Dick Slater to put the numbers advantage on the side of Cornette.


Ricky Gibson: Oh Dirty Dick Slater. I am glad you are here! While we have no problem beating the Midnight Express again but we needed a little insurance that you weren’t going to stick your nose in our business in the Mid-South Coliseum.


Robert Gibson: That’s right Slater. We made a phone call to one of our old friends and he was more than happy to come down and make sure you mind your manners. In fact, he said while he was at it, he might as well come down here and take that UWF Continental Title from you.


Dick Slater: Well if this is not an obvious bluff!


The crowd erupts as we hear Jim Ross, “Bah Gawd its none other than Terry Taylor!


Terry Taylor: Oh Baby does it feel good to be back in the UWF and it is going to feel great taking back that title!


Dick Slater seems a little shocked here as he stammers that Terry Taylor isn’t getting a title shot just because he has shown up. He must work his way up from the bottom.


Cowboy Bill Watts: Well, Slater, you seem to forget one thing. I make the matches around here. It will be you and Terry Taylor this week in the Mid-South Coliseum… with the Continental Title on the line.


Haku with Skandar Akbar destroys Verlon Biggs with the Tongan Death Grip.


Skandar Akbar: I know all of you people out there in TV land wonder who joined me at ringside at Memorial Day Bash and now you see. It is the return of the most dangerous man in all o f of professional wrestling… Haku. The Road Warriors are very lucky that they got out of Florida with those NWA Titles but they will not be so lucky next time. As I said, Haku is unstoppable and he won’t back down from Animal and Hawk!


Jim Ross: Are you saying that Dr. Death or the Barbarian backed down?


Skandar Akbar: You don’t see those belts in my possession do you?


Jim Ross: Maybe that’s because Haku here tripped up Dr. Death?


Haku gives Jim Ross a stare that would send shivers down anyone’s spine as Akbar walks off.





The crowd is all over Fuller as they are furious he turned on Bullet Bob Armstrong at the Memorial Day Bash.


Ron Wright: What is wrong with you people. I mean you are boing the Tennessee Stud! The man who is doing God’s work. He clobbered that heathen Bob Armstrong. One by one, we will get rid of the Unchristian Ones!


Ron Fuller: I always knew Bob Armstrong was stupid but I never realized just how stupid he was. Did he ever think that a Fuller, the Royal Family of Wrestling would help an Armstrong … the bottom feeders of wrestling. Jim Ross, do you know how good it felt to hold Bob Armstrong done as Big Bubba Ottman and Grizzly Boone hit Gian Splash after Giant Splash across the chest and ribs of Bob Armstrong.


Jim Ross: You are sick Ron Fuller just sick but I know never to count the Bullet out! Take a look at this video.


We see Bob Armstrong in a hospital gown in a hospital bed with his abdomen completely wrapped as he vows revenge!


Ron Fuller: Hahahaha, I think he had that gowned on backwards! Armstrong, whenever you get back to the UWF, if you get back… Ron Wright, myself and the rest of our Army are going to finish the job!

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Great follow up from the Memorial Bash. What a night of returns! This is such the perfect place for the Honkey Tonk Man and I would love to see a Honkey/Lawler feud. Then Terry Taylor returns and is already in a program with Slater, To top it all off, Haku is here! My goodness, things are about to get crazy in the UWF! Great set up with Luger and Gilbert and makes total sense with the woman involved. Doom feeling on top of the world right now and Ron Fuller thinks he is too, but watch out when Bullitt Bob comes back!

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I agree with spaldoni, nice job re-loading after the big Memorial Day show.


Honky gunning for King is one of those cool things we can get to see only in the world of this project.

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I'm completely giddy with the debut of Doom and Lawler vs Honky Tonk.


Also, brilliant idea to put Haku/King Tonga with Skandor Akbar. To me, that's the perfect fit in your territory. Fantastic job again!

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I too like the restart after Memorial Day. Gilbert and Luger is a really good feud for both right now. Honky and Lawler! Haku with Akbar is perfect casting and I can't wait to see how it plays out. Midnights and RnRs in a rematch should be all kinds of great. Taylor showing up and getting a title shot against Slater should play out nicely too.

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(HOUR #2)

As the second hour begins, we see Ivan and Nikita Koloff at the podium with the NWA World Championship around the waist of Nikita!


Ivan Koloff: I told all of you stupid Americans that Nikita is unstoppable and that he was not only going to beat Rick Martel but he was going to hurt him! If it was not for Ole Anderson throwing in the towel, you might not have ever seen Rick Martel in a wrestling ring again!


Jim Ross: Thanks to Ole, we saw an end to one of the most disgusting, disrespectful actions ever to take place in a wrestling ring!


Nikita Koloff: No! The most disgusting thing was that no good Giant Baba coming to the ring. Big mistake Baba! You are next on our list.


Cowboy Bill Watts: Well we will just have to wait and see about that. Giant Baba came all the way from Japan hoping to get an NWA title shot and after his actions the other night, I think he might just deserve one.


Ivan Koloff: Hahahah. Mr. Watts, just because he stood up to Nikita does not mean he gets a title shot. He wouldn’t last five minutes in the ring with me, never mind be able to win that NWA Title from Nikita. Nikita and Mother Russia will rule the NWA for as long as we like!


Cowboy Bill Watts: For once Ivan, you make a good point. We do need to see Baba in the ring before we just give him a World title shot so later on tonight, it will Giant Baba vs Ivan Koloff! If Baba wins, he gets a title shot in the Omni on June 22!


Ivan does protest for a minute but it is to no avail as we just head to the ring for our next match!



The Ultimate Warrior beats Killer Tim Brooks with the Warrior Smash

We see a little confusion at the interview desk where the Ultimate Warrior thought it was his air time and Dr. D David Schultz thought it was his. As the Warrior started to get amped up and was talking about his Warrior Power he turned his back on Schultz who clocked him from behind. This was all Schultz needed to give the Warrior a massive beating that culminated with a piledriver on the floor. The officials rushed out to get Schultz away ae we head to break.




Brad Armstrong & Jeff Jarrett beat Ed Mullivan & Dino Kono as Brad hit Mullivan with the Russian Legsweep

As they head to the interview desk we get interrupted by Ron Wright.


Ron Wright: Hold on, hold on just a minute! Did I just see two of the biggest names in all of wrestling, Armstrong and Jarrett wrestler two losers called Mullivan and Kono? I mean did your two Daddies get together and find the only two losers you two could beat? Oh wait a minute, Daddy Armstrong is in a hospital right now eating through a straw!


Somehow Brad restrains himself after that!


Brad Armstrong: Don’t worry about my father; he will be back real soon but in the meantime, if you want a match for any of your men all you got to do is ask!


Ron Wright: Glad you said that. See you this week in Columbus, Georgia!



Buddy Landell defeats Mike Graham with the Figure 4 and a grab of the ropes for leverage

Buddy Landell: Well as you know things have not been going real good for the Nature Boy and the Hollywood Blondes. First, somehow, Rip Oliver looses to that punk Jeff Jarrett and he is out of the UWF. Next, somehow Rip Rogers gets hurt at the hands of that freak, Exotic Adrian Street. All of a sudden, Nature Boy is all alone and even for someone as great as me, this is a tough industry to go it alone. Well I tell ya, my phone never stopped ringing. Everyone wants to be by my side as they know I will take you straight to Space Mountain! But I needed someone who was going to get me over the top. Well I think I found the perfect additions to the Hollywood Blondes!


Jim Ross: Did you say additions as in more than one.


Buddy Landell: I am a man who deserves a lot so I got a lot. First, let’s bring out the newest leader of the Hollywood Blondes…. Luscious Johnny Valiant.


Luscious Johnny Valiant: I must admit that I am so excited to be the newest manager of the Hollywood Blondes. I mean Buddy Landell is Top 10 all over the World. From Japan to Canada to New Zealand, The Nature Boy is top notch! With my guidance, the Hollywood Blondes will soon be the NWA National Tag Team Champions.

Consider this your warning Rock n Roll Express. Shine up those belts and hand them over.



The segment begins with the UWF champ, Magnum T.A., Ole Anderson and Giant Baba at the podium where Ole and T.A. lead the interview. Magnum is grateful for his chance to be the Champion of the UWF and that he is willing to defend his title against all comers but that the three of them have some more important things to take care of… specifically the Koloffs. T.A. really hypes up what Baba is going to do to Ivan this week and that together the three are going to do there best to make sure Nikita’s title reign is as short lived as possible. We also find out that this week in Columbus, Georgia, it will be a rematch of the UWF tournament finals as T.A. will defend this week against Dick Murdoch.



Steve Dr. Death Williams with Skandar Akbar crushes DJ. Peterson with the Oklahoma Stampede

At the interview desk, Dr. Death says all the right things about Akbar bringing back Haku and how Devastation Inc. is now the most unstoppable force in all of wrestling.




Ron Bass defeats Superstar Graham when Black Bart clocked Graham over the head with the branding iron and Bass followed it up with the Texas Gourdbuster

At the interview desk, the Long Riders are having a good laugh about what they did to Exotic Adrian Street at the Memorial Day Bash when Miss. Linda and Exotic Adrian Street come prancing out as Jim Ross asks for some decorum.


Exotic Adrian Street: Don’t worry Jim Ross. These two cowboys here prove time and time again that they can’t fight a fair fight and I have no interest in facing both of them by myself again.


Ron Bass: Well at least you learned something but I hope you learned you can’t beat us.


Exotic Adrian Street: Oh you are so simple minded. I did not mean that at all. I meant that I needed a partner and boy did I find me a dandy and if you dare, how about a match right here on TV next week!


Black Bart: Well daggonegummit, I mean if this person wants to team with you, they must not be too smart especially if he is willing to get in the ring with us! Might just have to brand him too. So yeah sure, you got yourself a match.





Ivan Koloff vs Giant Baba

Baba takes control after about 4 minutes of a nice back and forth as he connects with a Big Boot followed by a huge suplex. All of a sudden, Nikita hits the ring. It was like Magnum and Ole knew yhis was going to happen as they were only a few seconds behind. The fan favorites looked to be in good shape until a man in a red mask hits the ring. Jim Ross has no idea who it is but the sides are three apiece and the brawl is on.


Jim Ross: Sorry folks but we are out of time. We will have to get to the bottom of this next week.

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Man, Ron Wright is just such a classic heel. They really don't make them like that any more.


I love love love the idea of Baba joining Magnum and Ole to take on Ivan, Nikita, and the masked man. Baba is Japan's babyface of all babyfaces right now, and Magnum is right up there among the biggest babyfaces on your side of the Pacific... and with Ole there is always gonna be the question if he can be 100 percent trusted...but he is definitely a guy you want on your side in a fight. And these particular Russians are just pure evil, and so dangerous. Just such a compelling story at this stage.

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Wow Shultz did a number on Warrior, that could be one crazy feud. First, Wright takes out the Dad, now he's going for the son. Bullitt Bob is going to blow the roof off the place when he returns. Genius move putting Valiant with the Hollywood Blondes, his guidance could bring them some gold. Can't wait to see who Street gets as a partner. Magnum, Ole and Baba is quite the alliance to go up against the Russians. Who is this masked man siding with the Russians???

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If Rick Martel could teleport himself, I bet he would've loved to join Magnum & Ole in the beating of the Koloffs, regardless of his physical condition. And I wonder who is that masked man..


Really am digging the Hollywood Blondes. Luscious Johnny Valiant is the perfect fit for that group!

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There's no lull after Memorial Day Bash as the action stays hot! Honky Tonk Man is back and looking for the King, this should get very interesting!


Terry Taylor fresh off a great run in Mid Atlantic comes right into a hot angle with Slater.


Shultz is a great opponent for Warrior at this stage of his career.

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Like the Baba and Koloff matchup and gives some heat to the feud. I am not sure how big a Japan vs Russian feud in the UWF would be but you are making it something here right now which is a good thing. I am also big on Landell right now as someone who could come out of the smoke to be a real contender in the NWA and a force if used the right way.

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