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[2017-02-26-Oz Academy] Hikaru Shida vs Kagetsu

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OZ Academy Openweight Championship #1 Contendership: Hikaru Shida vs. Kagetsu


I love Shida-sama's new look. She looks like a feudal demon-slayer. Kagetsu has the charisma of a walnut, but when an arrogant Shida starts egging her on she shows a rare fire and goes berserk. This was back-and-forth with constant cut-offs that made it feel 'competitive'. There's great legwork that unfortunately gets abandoned, but was well-sold up until that point. Kagetsu (just barely) gets the win, which was shocking to me when I read the results. I thought for certain Kami had this won... The Shiri will have its day soon enough. ***3/4


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