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ThROH The Years: A ROH retrospective podcast

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On 7/19/2020 at 5:19 PM, Hobbes said:

ThROH The Years and ROH both turn 50 in an episode where we cover ROH Gold, a B-Show with a lot of little interesting stories and a Homicide/CM Punk match that both bangs and slaps. We also cover Problematic Chad Collyer, Woke Gabe, and threatening to tell Ricky Steamboat about what you did. Thanks for all the support for fifty episodes!


I am surprised that you did not mention the camera angle of the CM Punk interview during intermission: Traci Brooks boobs were let's say very prominently featured. Punk's head was somewhere in the left or bottom-left half of the screen while Traci's boobs were right in the center (and most of the time you could not see a face connected to the boobs). New Japan camera crews (who did very creepy shots when Maria Kanellis was over there, for example) would have been proud of that angles.

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Haha, honestly at this point I'm almost numb to it. ROH's treatment of women, not boobs. Well, maybe I'm numb to boobs. I'm numb to a lot of things!

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Hey! ThROH The Years now has it's own podcast feed all over the place, although we're still also on the PWO podcast network. Oh, and a new four hour episode:

This is one of the biggest episodes in ThROH The Years history. All Star Extravaganza 2. That means Joe vs. Punk, a match that makes Trevor feel human emotion. That means Jim Cornette vs. Bobby Heenan. Matt and Trevor also finally break down and rant about Dave Meltzer quotes like every other wrestling podcast ever. Plus Splash Cannonball, Jerk Jackson and so so so much more.

https://redcircle.com/shows/throh-the-years/ Or iTunes or a bunch of places!

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