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[2004-08-31-IWA Japan] Kensuke Sasaki vs Leatherface

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IWA Japan has to be the best promotion no one ever talks about, the magnitude of the bizarness of the matches they would book cannot be put into words. Here they book Kensuke Sasaki against some weird cosplayer, maybe Leatherface was the Abyss of IWA Japan. Kensuke comes out wearing a shovel because, hey, it's IWA Japan! He then proceeds to hit his stuff and go over in three minutes. I like Kensuke's offence a lot and will gladly watch him beat up a backyarder with funding. Leatherface will tell his grandchildren about the time he hit a neckbreaker on Kensuke Sasaki. **3/4

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So, essentially easy money for both guys :) Kensuke brought the shovel out to mock Leatherface who I'm not sure was Corp. Kirchner. If it was him then, doing a couple moves on Kensuke doesn't mean much if you wrestled death matches with Catus Jack and Terry Funk. I don't think this was him though...the moves he did were too well executed :P They did some stuff and it was done.


Truth be told there's 2 IWA Japans. Victor Quiñones' sleazy rebirth of W*ING and post 1995, post Quiñones IWA Japan.


Post Quiñones is just Indy Japanese wrestling compared to the 3 ring circus of '94 & '95.


We talk about IWA and W*ING and all the other fun stuff here: http://prowrestlingonly.com/index.php?/topic/38570-obscure-japanese-90s-indies-yume-factory-wing-kageki-iwa-japan-capture-etc/

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