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[2017-04-02-JWP] Hanako Nakamori vs Tsubasa Kuragaki

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JWP Openweight Championship: Hanako Nakamori © vs. Tsubasa Kuragaki


This is the final JWP Openweight Championship match on the final JWP show ever, so of course it ends on a roll-up. This was actually going well until that puzzling finish, they were beating the shit out of each other, head-drops and head-kicks, Tsubasa being the chunky powerhouse-high flyer hybrid that she is, the kind of stuff you want to see on a final show, but that finish could not have been more anticlimactic. A company's finale should have a decisive finish. Maybe Tsubasa didn't want to do the clean job. Strange booking, in any case. ***1/4

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