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[2017-04-13-RevPro-Epic Encounter] KUSHIDA vs Zack Sabre Jr

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I remember in late 2014 thinking how awesome this match would be; I was super excited when RevPro announced it was happening & it did not disappoint me one bit. The first portions of the match are the 2 feeling each other out in fantastic fashion - great work on the mat, the two showcasing their technical wrestling skills. Eventually ZSJ gets the upperhand, he dominates KUSHIDA in fantastic fashion, being all cocky & getting to his face - KUSHIDA plays a wonderful face in peril & the eventual comeback of his was just great. From then on the match is more 50/50 with a great sense of urgency to it. This was fantastic. ****1/4

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I haven't decided how I feel about Sabre, but Kushida is my overall #1 right now.


This was just awesome, much better than the Takahashi/Scurll match on the same show. The matwork was compelling, my main man Kushida got to show lots of fighting spirit, and the match had a nice escalation throughout.


My only complaint was that Sabre never made it seem like he was in peril. He did some really nifty stuff when he was pretending that one of his arms didn't work, but his facial expressions and body language never got out of cocky mode.


I enjoyed the crowd's method of songwriting, in which they'd take a familiar tune and shoehorn "Zack Sabre Jr." into it. It worked with "Seven Nation Army," and it worked with the opera tune one particularly artistic fan tried. It's the same method I use to write songs about my cats, and it's always a winner.

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