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[2017-04-06-Sendai Girls] Hana Kimura vs Mika Shirahime

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Tag Team Championship Challenger Decision Tournament, Final: Hana Kimura vs. Mika Shirahime


This was an even stronger version of the match they had last month, I felt like they worked harder. Shirahime gets this scary death stare and her wacky hair is all over the place as she hammers into Hana with elbow strikes. She has an excellent understanding of escalation and building towards a heated finish. Hana-chan has already established her signature stuff and where to place them and when, and I can't say enough about her new attire (!) and high-impact missile dropkick. She sends Shirahime bouncing inside out! This was a great clash between underdog rookie and (justifiably) super-pushed super rookie. ****

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