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[2000-05-23-NJPW] Shinjiro Otani vs Minoru Tanaka

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Venue looks cool here with the last rays of daylight creeping in through the windows at the top. We only get about half of the match but what we see is really good. Otani is firmly the leader of this division currently and bullies Tanaka around while still giving credibility to his arm work and trying his best to avoid those arm submissions. The finish to this was really exciting and set me up for perhaps a BOSJ but I didn’t think the back half of the highlights quite matched that level. Still what we saw was very good stuff and this was a nice win for Otani. NR

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They very refreshingly go through a quick standoff exchange and then Ohtani dives RIGHT IN to take Tanaka down and we get some good grappling.


Ohtani takes over with some face washes in the corner but poses a little too long and sets up a nice Tanaka dive to change momentum.


We get some good work and then Ohtani uses some of his moxy to take over and come away with a win. A nice, compact match that didn't really stand out too much but was very easy to take in.



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