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This Week in Wrestling Indys &International 6/23/17

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I think this episode of CWF-Mid Atlantic finally drove home for me what it is I love about that show and has me making sure I never miss an episode (even though I occassionally fall behind): the matches/wrestlers never over-extend themselves. I grow so numb whenever I watch Evolve/PWG/ROH or other "Super Indies" because every match is wrestled like a main event and by the time we're halfway through I've OD'd on big dives and spots. Plus it seems like guys are in overdrive when it comes to trying to get their personality over. Watching becomes exhausting.

CWF matches, even though they aren't always great, are almost always exactly what they need to be. Guys wrestle to their role and they get over with the home crowd (and with me in my living room) based on personality and real basic storytelling. It's so wonderfully meat-and-potatoes that when they occassionally slip in something like Trevor Lee vs Chip Day it feels like a rewarding dessert sundae. Like NXT when it's working right it hits all the right notes and makes for a breezy hour watch that satisfies the wrestling fan in me like few other things can.

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