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Space City! A NWA ON DEMAND Podcast 6/23/17

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This was a great episode. We had some laughs, chuckles, and some good wrestling to talk about.
1.Masked Gino vs Nick Kozack 12/1/78
-a fan pops Pete and Johnny big.
2. Tiger Conway Jr. and Ernie Ladd promo
-Could Ernie Ladd replace Don Cornelious on Soul Train? Who do you think could have.
3.Super Ninja vs Sam Houston 2/20/87
-Memories of Sam Houston
4.Sting/Gilbert vs Young/Gaylord 2/20/87
-is this an Eddie Gilbert masterpiece or did he shit the bed?
5. Promos, promos, promos from 84
6. Ted Dibiase vs OMG NO DQ 2/6/87
-Does Ted continue his baby face ace run here?

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The fact that you had that Soul Train conversation without bringing up the Jive Soul Bro himself is blasphemous. VIVA LA REVERAND SLICK!

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