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[1990-11-15-AJPW-Real World Tag League] Mitsuharu Misawa & Tsuyoshi Kikuchi vs Kenta Kobashi & Toshiaki Kawada

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A houseshow match. Some very good stiff action early on where they mix up the shots. Lots of vicious spinkicks and elbows. Even Kobashi threw martial arts kicks which is just weird. Kikuchi ends up FIP and getting military pressed to the floor because KIKUCHI IS A LOON. Crowd gets going behind Kikuchi good, and anytime Misawa gets in he's a total house of fire. Misawa is only in for about 30 second periods but he is working like a motherfucker. Talk about knowing how to carry yourself like a star. He barely gave a damn about Kikuchi though. Well, he'd master the "win the match while dragging a weak partner" formula later. This is another decent little AJPW match to add to the list.

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