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[2007-04-15-TNA-Sacrifice] Chris Harris vs James Storm

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I have to admit, I'm kind of a vampire fan. I enjoy a good bloodletting. Let's face it, pro-wrestling is crass.


And this is one hell of a bloodletting. The key to any good blood match is of course, selling. When you wear a crimson mask, and fuck these guys were gushing buckets of blood, selling is everything. And sold they did well. You don't need a hundred big spots to have a great bloodletting, because what you project matters more than spots. Not to say they weren't great spots. The fucking helicopter thrown through a table. The insane spear through the ropes through a table outside (that one was amazing). And so, they made the 10 count matter. Not a huge fan if the Texas death match gimmick but here it looked organic (as opposed to some Cena match were you can see the script), chaotic and downright dirty. Everything was *right*, including Gale Kim jumping on Miss Jackie to take her away as she was trying to get involved. And the finish, of course, which was poetic justice. (in typical TNA fashion though, they cut off from the post-match almost immediately, because NO TIME !!!).


Usually, a feud between partners after the break up of a team (a legit team I mean, and AMW was one of the best team in US wrestling, there, I said it) is disappointing. Actually it often suck too. This is the epitome of a great post break-up blood feud. This is how it should be done. If this match had happened anywhere but TNA, it would be raved about to this day and considered a classic. These two guys are two of the most underrated workers of the 00's (and the 10's for Storm too I guess). Damn the TNA stigma, this is classic.



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Ditto to everything El-P has said. This was a beautifully gruesome match.


I just finished watching this and whew, I gotta take a break and watch some cat videos or something.


Both guys really put it all on the line here and they did a fantastic job of selling it to the crowd. I was never a fan of either at the time but, a match like this makes me want to check out their other stuff.

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