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[2017-07-17-AJPW] SUWAMA vs Shuji Ishikawa

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This show aired on a two week delay, the same day the show took place (July 17th) bjw held their biggest show of the year in sumo hall. On that show Ishikawa showed up to do colour commentary for the second half of the show he had a huge amount of damage to his right eye that made the wait for this show and match even more agonising.


The match as expected was super stiff and really heated. There was a split crowd as these two monsters clobbered each other for 19 1/2 minutes for our enjoyment. The work all the way through was snug and visceral. Finishing with the incredible sight of ishikawa doing a splash mountain powerbomb on suwama and the giant slam. This match also features a great moment where late on Suwama tried for a strike exchange but is easily beaten and does some great jelly legs selling.


This match is another feather in the cap of Ishikawa as he continues to increase his claim on wrestler of the year.


****1/4 on a level with the Jake lee match but slightly below the kento match from three months ago.

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If you liked their 2017 Champion Carnival match-up, odds are, you'll like this, as its just as heavy on the bombs. Early in the match, Suwama showed signs of being a total dick and I was hoping that would be the narrative in this match, with him ditching the honor to do whatever he can to keep the Big Dog down. On the outside, he goes to attack Ishikawa with a chair but referee Wada prevents him and back in the ring, he puts Shuji in a sleeper hold in the ropes and refuses to let go, forcing Wada to pry him off by handfuls of bleached blonde hair. Unfortunately, that bad dude attitude dissipates as the match settles into the familiar bombfest scenario. Tons of suplex throws, knees, and lariats, including a brutal one to Ishikawa's face that leaves him with quite the swollen eye socket. I liked Suwama's selling toward the end of the match, with Ishikawa grabbing his wrists and pulling him into the knee strike. I'd rate this below both the Miyahara and Lee title matches but this was still a good, stiff bruiser battle.

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