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Vinnie B

[2005-04-03-WWE Wrestlemania XXI] Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho vs Edge vs Kane vs Shelton Benjamin vs Christian (Money in the Bank)

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I do really like ladder matches, but the issue with multi-man or MITB is they are just straight spotfests, and don't really engage with a story or have that epic feel that the best ladder matches do. A lot of these spots have been seen plenty of times since, so lose some of their novelty. But it was still a very fun match, and the crowd was super involved, cheering face attempts to grab the briefcase and booing the heels efforts.


Benoit was noticeably quiet in this match. Except for one spot, where he does a diving headbutt off the top of the ladder onto Kane, and busts open the stitches on his head. "Fuck's sake" was the only appropriate reaction I could have to that. He does an amazing job of selling a bad arm from an early spot throughout however. Christian was also the other highlight, bumping around like crazy.


Overall good match, fun spotfest but nothing to elevate it to excellent or MOTY status for me though. *** 3/4

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