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[1987-08-28-WWF-Houston, TX] Hulk Hogan vs One Man Gang

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WWF World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan vs One Man Gang - Houston 8/29/87


It is from WWF Houston so it features the commentary team from Hell: Bruce Pritchard, Mike McGuirk and the Duke of Dorchester, Pete Doherty. Doherty wont shut up about One Man Gang's brains. McGuirk has the shittiest comebacks imaginable. There was one funny moment. McGuirk comments on Hogan's good looks and Doherty responds "Why are you always bringing sex into it?" Which did make me laugh.


One Man Gang was one of the big four Hogan opponents in 1987 along with Harley Race, Kamala and Killer Khan. What is interesting is that you don't think of these four (maybe Harley) as classic Hogan opponents but they were. 1987 is so dominated by Andre and the Megapowers, but those are just one off things. Hogan needed opponents around the horn and these were the guys that provided that.


WWF was still relatively new Houston however with Crockett buying Watts, WWF received an influx of Mid-South talent (Duggan, DiBiase, and OMG) to bolster these cards. Hogan wrestled OMG here and then DiBiase at the next two shows (really the only strong run DiBiase got against Hogan in singles).


Pretty standard Hogan match. I thought he put OMG over well early bouncing off him in the shouldertackle and then back giving out on slam. Gang has good basic clobbering offense and is pretty mobile. Not an all time great like a Crusher Blackwell, but he is serviceable. Hogan makes his first comeback, but Slick grabs his foot. Shoulder massage and bearhug. Then we get the big splash. HULK-UP! Like I said standard, but is fun. Not as good as the rest of Hogan's 87, but gets the job done. ***

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