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[1985-10-13-WWF-Toronto, ONT] Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage

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WWF World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage - MLG 10/13/85


After all these Hogan's matches, I am still not sick of "Real American", I bring this up because it is the first time I have heard of his theme between Eye of Tiger and Real American. It is unbelievably bland, glad they made Real American.


Next major match between these two after their Philly match in 9/85 and the one before the big MSG series that solidified Savage as a money heel in the promotion. Pretty amazing that his first major program is against the Hulkster. Lots of stalling and using Elizabeth in this one. Savage peppering the jabs at the beginning only to have Hogan erupt and hit a wicked high knee was awesome. Loved Macho Man putting Elizabeth in front of him. Just when I think I found a lost classic the stalling kicks in hard and grinds the match to a halt. Another cool spot is Hogan catching Savage from the top and giving him a backbreaker. Savage's heel segment starts due to a knee to the kidney which seems too simple. Usual Savage offense controls as he is just perpetual motion. He hits the Big Elbow for two. That was a big nearfall. Then Hogan gets the foot up on the next elbow and Savage kicks out right at three. No legdrop and the kickout at three keep this from being super clean and make sure for rematches. Savage attacks Hogan with belt shot from the top. Macho Man poses, but Hogan runs him off.


The stalling was a little too much for me, but there is plenty to love in this match. It has an interesting finish. ***1/4

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Savage is still in prime stalling mode here, so don't go in expecting a match on the same level as their Wrestlemania V encounter. This was still a fun match where Savage looks like a worthy opponent for Hogan, even if he's only a few months into his run at this point. Hogan gets a chance to show off his actual wrestling chops by working the arm and hitting a textbook suplex and backbreaker. Savage gets a near fall from his top rope elbow drop and Hulk doesn't even hulk-up after it! Savage's second attempt at an elbow drop is spoiled by Hogan getting his leg up and hitting him with a big boot while lying on his back. Savage gets pinned, but kicks out just as the referee counts three. This had a cool finish that protected Savage, even in defeat. ★★¾

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