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[1986-02-08-WWF-Boston, MA] Tito Santana vs Randy Savage

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WWF Intercontinental Champion Tito Santana vs Randy Savage - Boston 2/8/86


Macho Man is the king of gamesmanship in the ring. He exploits every rule possible and really works into a fever pitch. It begins with going to the ropes to break holds because he cant best Tito on the mat. Then it suckerpunching him and running outside the ring. He is trying to get under Tito's skin. When Tito unloads and he is fiery, Macho Man looks to get the best of him with a double axehandle and Tito catches him. Love how it takes multiple attempts at cheating before Macho Man succeeds. Savage tries to play cat and mouse again Tito overwhelms him and atomic drop. This is a great shine! Savage goes deep in the eyes. Savage is committed to being a heel. Double axehandle gets two. He keeps going to eyes. Good selling from Tito. I cant believe I am going to say this. I wish Tito's comeback had a little more zip behind. I know the king of the fired up comeback Tito Santana gives us a kinda lukewarm one here. Savage misses a kneedrop. Now it gets good as Tito is obsessed with the figure-4 and Savage is DESPERATE! Famous finish where Tito goes for the suplex back in and Savage coldcocks him with the foreign object to get three and win the Intercontinental Championship. Savage was a tremendous heel in this and the finish run was spectacular. If Tito was his usual fiery self this would have been an all timer. ****

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