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Superstar Sleeze

[1986-02-08-WWF-Philadelphia, PA] Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake vs British Bulldogs

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WWF World Tag Team Champions Dream Team vs British Bulldogs - Philly 2/8/86


Greg Valentine is really good at wrestling like really good. So great in the opening shine, letting Dynamite win the amateur battle, the atomic drop into Davey Boy, the bumping. Coming back in with Brutus and getting slammed into it. The work on the apron all great. Heel in peril on Brutus is solid because the Bulldogs are very proficient at working the arm. The difference between heel in peril & a shine in my estimation is that heel in peril is more methodical, requires selling and works more holds whereas a shine is uptempo, focuses more on bumping and uses highspots. Couple good fake outs on the transition to heat with Beefacke's high knee and Valentine hotshotting Dynamite. The actual one is kinda lame as Valentine just breaks up a pin with an elbow. Valentine is total money in the heat segment busting shoulderbreakers and elbow. The ferocity of how he drives his knees into the hamstrings before a figure-4 attempt is great. love how he gets into a slugfest and just as he is going to lose he goes for a double takedown and tries for the figure-4 that's smarts. The finish again sucks. Dynamite going flying because Beefer ducked and Johnny V slamming his head into the post is fine. It was kinda lame that Beefcake suplexed so hard he hurt himself that resulted in a nearfall. Then Dynamite just small packaged him and Valentine just turned him over. Lame finish aside this is very good tag team wrestling. ***1/4

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