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[2006-10-02-WWE-Raw] Johnny Nitro vs Jeff Hardy

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WWE Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro vs Jeff Hardy - RAW 10/2/06


There is a hilarious screw up early on. JR says "In the latest edition of WWE magazine, Maria says she likes having three way sex. Sorry I mean Melina." The deadpan tone of voice he uses because he clearly thinks this is stupid compounded with him fucking up the names had me laughing for like two minutes straight.


Going to give Nitro credit again, way to go to back after Jeff Hardy crashes and burns on Whisper in the Wind. This is body psychology is strong. The dropkick to Jeff causing him to the hit the post hard is nasty. Plus he hits a crazy backbreaker. Great use of the surfboard too. The finish was fine too with Jeff reversing the surfboard and then hitting Whisper in the Wind. Nitro tries to hide behind Melina but Jeff topples both of them. I didn't like Nitro getting back on top after Jeff hit a move, but whatever. Jeff backdrops him off the top, cool spot and then Swanton Bomb. New champ. Fine match. I liked this one better because it was shorter, but still nothing amazing. ***

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