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[2006-11-05-WWE-Cyber Sunday] Jeff Hardy vs Carlito

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WWE Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy vs Carlito - Cyber Sunday 2006


Nothing reminds me of how dreadfully dull the RAW midcard was in the mid-2000s than this match. I remember nothing about Carlito's working style, but this match certainly did not inspire me to learn more. He basically tried to snuggle to death. In addition to a very boring heat segment, the shine was terrible. They were just trading moves with absolutely no rhyme or reason. One would hit a move then the other would hit a move. No transition, no missed moves. It was just strange. Jeff Hardy hits a nasty front suplex. Swanton Bomb eats knees. Carlito hits a bunch of weak springboard moves. Carlito misses the third springboard. Whisper in the Wind! Carlito nearly kills him on some stupid top rope move. Swanton Bomb. JR says "what a match" I say "what a mess"

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