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[2006-11-06-WWE-Raw] Jeff Hardy vs Johnny Nitro

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WWE Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy vs Johnny Nitro - RAW 11/6/06


Do you remember Paris Hilton? Do you remember Kevin Federline? Man, mid-00s nostalgia in ten years is going to be so sad. My high school years were a cultural wasteland.


Nitro starts with a hammerlock, Hardy does the Bret escape, good start here with Jeff doing the dropkick and then splash. Nitro uses a leverage move to send him into the buckle and then choking into the ropes. Melina hair pull. Some good heel work here. Hardy hits a sling blade. Did Tanahashi do it first or Hardy? Melina trips and the ref calls for a DQ. Eric Bischoff is BACK!??! What the HELL?!?! He makes it a No DQ. I know I was watching. I have no recollection of this. Back from the commercial, Nitro is in a chinlock. Jawbreaker by Jeff. Tsunami Kick by Nitro. They both collide with a cross body. This match has just been there so far. Reverse mule kick by Hardy gets two. Front suplex gets two. WHISPER IN THE WIND! Two! Melina is choking Jeff Hardy and he whips her down. He goes for Swanton Bomb on Melin and Nitro crotches him and then belt shot. Nitro wins. Meh. I feel like Jeff Hardy could be better utilized but at the same time if Jeff Hardy was truly great he would find ways to keep having great match. This was not as bad as the Carlito match, but for something that was really more of an angle, it didn't feel big. It should have though.

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