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[2008-06-29-WWE-Night of Champions] Kane vs Mark Henry vs Big Show

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ECW Champion Kane vs Mark Henry vs Big Show - Night of Champions 2008


Man, do you remember McMahon's Millions? What the fuck? Did people actually win money in a shoot? Was the accident just a way to write off the publicity stunt and McMahon? Or was there more to it, I honestly, cant remember?


Kane certainly had his working boots on this night. Workrate Kane is surely something to behold. He was flying all over the ring just hitting big move after big move. He worked a great sprint with Big Show early. Then got "eliminated" so to speak but then came back and was just all over the place. Big Shown & Mark Henry had a good Clash of the Titans feel to their portion of the match. Kane was in full workrate sprint mode. It was wild. Kane hits a superplex on Big Show, but it takes so much out of him Mark Henry hits his best Worlds Strongest Splash to win the match and his major championship. Mark Henry came back in 2007 after about a year off. He was built up then fed to Undertaker at Unforgiven 2007 (September) and then was treated like a jobber until this match where he was re-pushed. I came to see Mark Henry and instead was impressed by frickin Kane of all people. ***

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