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[2003-04-27-WWE-Backlash] Brock Lesnar vs John Cena

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WWE Champion Brock Lesnar vs John Cena - Backlash 2003


You know how weird it is to listen to a crowd chant "Lets Go Cena" without the accompanying "Cena Sucks!". This takes place in Worcester so Cena is actually worried about being cheered so he wears a Roger Clemens Yankees jersey to the ring yep that will definitely do the trick. If he did that in October/November of 2003 in Mass he may have actually been killed.


Let me get my one major complaint out of the way. It is so painfully clear that these two are miscast. Cena sells like such a sympathetic babyface and Brock Lesnar is just a total monster. The monster face can work but you need that sniveling heel that you really want to see his ass get kicked. That's not Cena. Cena is tough dude and he is not a big bumper. So the babyface shine feels like a heat segment. Only the press slam gets a pop. The rest is just great suplexes and knees but it feels like a monster dominating a valiant hero. Brock is justified in being pissed because Cena busted him open with a chain so he has a bandage. On the outside Cena slams him into the steps and reopens the cut. This was definitely the most interesting part of the match. How would Cena work on top? Good stuff for the most part. Great intensity. Works the cut. Good fists. He is keeping it basic but is vicious. Shouldertackle and then legdrop on neck. Good hope spot for Lesnar with the spinebuster before Cena hits a massive clothesline. Things grind to a halt when Cena just sits in a chinlock forever. The Lesnar comeback is much better than the shine. It is more uptempo and gets you rocking. It is a bit sloppy though. Cena recognizing that Lesnar is on an unstoppable roll gets a low blow for his nearfall. He wants the chain, but the ref blocks. Lesnar hits the F-5 for the win. It is a really cool match mostly because what happens after. Nine years to the month, they have a five star classic together with opposite roles. Cena is a totally different character and wrestler after this. Thought it was a very good effort from both young wrestlers. ***1/2

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