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[2003-04-27-WWE-Backlash] Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas vs Eddy Guerrero & Chavo Guerrero Jr

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WWE Tag Team Champions Team Angle vs Los Guerreros - WWE Backlash 2003


I am skipping the triple threat match at WrestleMania with Benoit & Rhyno because I hate triple threats. I thought this was a better version of their Smackdown title switch. Here we get a better shine because Guerreros are really playing up the Lie, Cheat & Steal gimmick. Just really fun stuff, Eddie is just a maestro of playing to the crowd and even Chavo gets in on the action. They make routine cheating spots so much fun and bring a smile to your face because they are just relishing every moment. I thought the heat segment was really good. I didn't like Eddie just letting Benjamin tag out to Haas but at least Haas made him pay with back body drop (great bump by Eddie). Eddie worked really strong in this match upped his offense, but his selling was great. He brought this face in peril alive. Good hope spot like that snap back suplex. Great cutoffs from Team Angle with nasty double legs and ankle picks. Chavo was a great hot tag, just flying around, lots of energy. He eats a massive powerbomb from Benjamin but Eddie hits a missile dropkick on Benjamin and then three Amigos on Haas, but Chavo cant capitalize. Eddie hits a frogsplash as he is desperately trying to help Chavo, but again Chavo cant get the win. Team Angle does the trip on a suplex while Benjamin holds the feet ala Rude/Warrior Mania V. Team Angle beats the Guerreros at their own game, but the Guerreros never to be outdone in Lying, Cheating, & Stealing, steal the WWE Tag Team Belts. Just a solid tag team formula that demonstrates the undeniable charisma of Eddie Guerrero. ***1/2

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