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Superstar Sleeze

[2011-03-14-WWE-Raw] Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus

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WWE US Champion Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus - WWE RAW 3/14/11


This was during my senior year of college and a total low point of my watching. I don't think watched as infrequently during 2011 since I had completely given up on the product in 2002. I just remember not giving a fuck at all about the build to Mania XXVII. I don't remember Bryan's run on RAW at all. Sheamus won King of the Ring late in 2010, which I vaguely remember. He is in the middle of a losing streak gimmick. Yep that will sure get him over. Gimme a break. Sheamus vows to quit if he doesn't win the US Championship. I thought they had a great, little TV match here. Bryan was a house afire early. Sheamus looked totally overwhelmed with Bryan coming at this speed from all angles. Sheamus slows him down during the break with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker then double axehandle. Some great power shots from Sheamus during the heat segment. They recreate the finish from last week with Sheamus taking a spill to the outside hurting his knee. He lost by countout last week. He goes for the Brogue Kick misses and Bryan applies the LeBell Lock, but Sheamus gets the ropes. Sheamus goes for Celtic Cross, but Bryan evades and gets a rollup. Good heat for that. Bryan chops him down with kicks, YES Kicks and then KICKS HIS HEAD OFF! 1-2-NO! He usually misses that. Great finish stretch. Bryan looks for missile dropkick...BROGUE KICK! HOLY SHIT! HE FUCKING WIPED HIM OUT! Awesome finish. Love these two great power vs speed match. Some great Bryan nearfalls before that awesome finish. Too bad both guys were kinda stalled out at this point. ***3/4

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