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[2017-08-11-EVOLVE 90] WALTER vs Fred Yehi

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Yehi is the smaller competitor, so he spends a good portion of the early going trying to establish his ground, but WALTER isn't having any of it. He toys with Yehi, tossing him around the ring with ease, employing suplexes and bodyslams to assert his dominance. Yehi is a master of unconventional offense, so he manages to sneak in a few nasty stomps to WALTER's knees, wearing the larger man down. Yehi's offensive creativity never ceases to amaze me. When WALTER tries to take the fight to the outside, Yehi out-wits him by baiting him up to the steps and going right back to those vicious stomps. Back in the ring, WALTER is equally great as an imposing force, showing no signs of fear whenever he's downed by the craftier, more agile opponent. A defenseless Yehi finds himself dangling from the second rope, anticipating WALTER's next move...or so it seems. Yehi, still in a precarious position, unloads with a series of kicks to WALTER's chest, allowing him to summon enough strength to land a superplex for a near-fall. Unfortunately for Yehi, the damage has been done at this point, and WALTER rallies with a big boot and a sleeper hold to pick up the win. It's a shame that the match ended just as the crowd was starting to warm up to it, but Yehi and WALTER managed to tell a compelling story while leaving room for a rematch, and they did it all in slightly north of 15 minutes. I can't complain.

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