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[2017-10-21-PWG-All Star Weekend 13: Day Two] Chuck Taylor vs Ricochet

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WALTER vs. ZSJ was a classic, but goddamn this was even better. The best match of both guys' careers, PWG MOTY, one of the best matches of the year & one of the greatest matches in PWG history. Loved the Student vs. Mentor dynamic w/ the history between Chuckie & Ricochet - they told a terrific story with that. Ricochet's work over the leg of Chuck was awesome & Chuckie sold it like a boss. The 1st half is centered around that leg work quite a bit, and after the restart, the drama goes through the roof. Chuck taking off the top rope was great, that & he in general did a great job selling the desperation of not being able to stop Ricochet. Just an absolute thrill ride of a match. Would honestly say it's a top-5 in PWG's history. ****3/4

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