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[2002-12-15-FWA-Season's Beatings] Jody Fleisch vs Jonny Storm

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This is your classic match up, that to this day these guys are still having against one another. At this stage they are largely respectful friends with a competitive rivalry, which would change in 2003. With this being the second match of the tournament, Jody is in a must not lose position. If Jonny wins and moves onto 40 points then there’s no way he can catch him and he’ll be eliminated.


With that in mind, as you would expect he wrestles at a frantic pace, although, it’s hard to say that’s solely because of the tournament storyline – that’s the way these two always wrestle! For those who hate spot-spot-spot matches, then I can see why when these two clash – especially in 2002, I think both became much more well rounded as they got older – that some would be turned off by the style. I love the chemistry and rapid transitions they have however and the familiarity they have with one another is shown in the opening exchanges where each hit the others finisher but only for two.


This is far from the best match the two have had against each other, more a greatest hits package, with them both trying to throw everything they have out there – Jody with the desperation of trying to stay in the tournament and Jonny trying to eliminate Jody from contention. The end of the match is Jody connecting with his 720 DDT off the guard rail onto the outside and Storm being unable to make the count back in. This gives Jody 15 points, keeping him in the tournament for now, but with Jonny looking like he’s sustained a serious injury. (*** ¼)

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