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Superstar Sleeze

[2009-12-13-WWE-Tables, Ladders & Chairs] The Undertaker vs Batista (Chairs)

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World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker vs Batista - TLC 2009 Chairs Match


Wow! Was Matt Striker always this insufferable on commentary? Batista's protein intake is clearly more than the Undertaker's thus he is less vulnerable to chair shots. Are you shitting me, bro?


In some ways, I like the booking capitalizing on Batista's heat from turning on Rey and then putting him out of action. I think Batista should have won here to keep the momentum rolling. Doing the whole Dusty finish with Batista using the low blow (not legal) and the chair (legal) to win the match, but Teddy restarting the match due to the low blow. Taker immediately getting a chair shot and then Tombstone to win. I see what they were doing trying to protect Batista but I don't think it helped much. These have had some stellar matches together and some duds. I would say this was in between. They cut a good pace throughout the match. I wanted to see more heelishness from Batista. I felt they worked this much like they did when it was face vs face. That was disappointing. Nothing too memorable. They did a good job avoiding chair shots early. The first chair shot Batista to the back of Taker didn't come off great due to awkward positioning. After that it was run through their stock spots, but there was no resting and they kept it coming. I thought the best spot was Snake Eyes->run ropes->SPEAR! Great spear! Batista got some good spots in before Taker rammed his head into a chair that Batista set up. Taker got the chokeslam for two. Goes for Tombstone but shoved off into the ref, then low blow. Good match. Nothing that will blow you away, but nothing bad either. ***


P.S. There was a guy with a sigh that said "My wife is in labor and I came to TLC instead". Having seen the big three main events of this PPV, I bet he got divorced.

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