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[2001-12-09-WWF-Vengeance] The Undertaker vs Rob Van Dam

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The Undertaker vs Rob Van Dam (WWF Vengeance 2001)

So yeah, this was FUCKING LEGIT FUN AS FUCK. It's a hardcore match for the hard-ore championship.

The build up video is great too showing Taker beating up J.R and cementing his heel turn.




HOLY FUCK~~~~~!!!!!!

I know this match was rather great and a hidden gem but lordy did I enjoy revisiting this one. Taker has just transformed into 'Big Evil' and this was his first PPV match in thst incarnation. They fight all around the arena, using all sorts of weapons and RVD hits several big spots including diving off of the balcony and generally flying all over the shop.

Fun as fuck and despite losing, I though it still come out making RVD look good in that he had his fair share of offense in tgis and more than contributed to making it the match it is. These two meshed well and Taker already fitted nicely into his new persona.

Love how it starts out with RVD trying to hit and run his way around Taker. He does a great whirl off the too rope and he gets some nearfalls as he takes it to Taker until Taker dumps him over the ropes with a big boot.

Then it's mainly a super ass brawl all over the arena with Taker in control punishing RVD, who uses all his flying and hard-core skills to time his hope spots and try and inflict damage on Taker. Forget wrestling, this is just a wonderful, fun brawl that is just fun to enjoy. Keeps the pace fast too throughout and is a total blast.

Probably still under appreciated to a lot of fans who have simply forgotten about it.

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