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[2017-11-19-Stardom] Yoko Bito vs Io Shirai

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Hard to believe that this is the first singles title match that Io has had in five months. I found the way that these two worked this match to be really interesting. Bito's whole approach to the match was to use some really grinding matwork in order to slow Io down so that she could hit her strikes and big moves. In return, Io has to tries to maximize any opportunity that she has to pick up the pace. There were a couple of rough spots during the finish, notable the two of them trying to pull off the old 'rana counter to the Die Hard Kansai, but nothing that really hurt the match. Overall, this was the second straight awesome Korakuen main event for Bito and it's as great as any of Io's other matches from earlier in the year. ****1/4

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