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[2004-06-25-IWA-MS-KOTDM 2004] Necro Butcher vs Toby Klein (Fans Bring the Weapons Death)

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Revisiting some old 2004 indy footage on the Highspots Network and I remember really loving this back in the day...

This maybe the craziest match in wrestling history -- if not, then it should easily make the top 10. Its a wild fight all over the building with both guys shoot punching each other in the face at random moments and hitting themselves with some crazy weapons. Necro's one of the tougher dudes in pro-wrestling, but Toby Klein holds up with him.

Some of the crazy highlights here include them trading punches and Necro coming close to KO'ing Klein, Necro hurling chairs at Klein and clutching his back and head with them, Klein powerbombed Necro off the bleacher and him hitting his head on his way down, Klein throwing salt all over Necro's back, Necro countering a sunset flip powerbomb into a huracanrana, Necro doing a dive from the top rope to the floor, Toby hitting Necro with a VCR across the head, death valley driver onto a sitting chair, etc. Insane stuff.

I remember showing this to a friend of mine who watches wrestling casually and he immediately associated it with bum fights...
This is good if you enjoy the type of stuff, but obviously this isn't for everyone.


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