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[2001-05-26-XPW-Redemption] Excalibur & Super Dragon vs Rising Son & Ultra Taro Jr

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I've recently began to change of opinion on Super Dragon and have actually started to appreciate him as this bully Jr. heavyweight indy heel. Here he's wearing some weird blue gear which is different from his usual black gear.

This was an extremely spotty showcase of these masked SoCal Jr.'s in XPW. This is of course as spotty as you'd think and the XPW crowd is as horrible as ever, but its quite fun. These guys worked together for ever since before this, so they of course knew each others stuff well, namely TARO had already been put through several brutal beatings at the hand of Super Dragon already at this point his career. The fans were mocking fun of these guys attires, but halfway through they changed their minds.

This was a PWG match years before Excalibur and Super Dragon had made a name for themselves and worked outside of California. If you're a fan of the PWG style, then I highly recommend you give this a watch.

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